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Zhu, C. D. & Li, Z. S. (1983b). [Three new species of spiders of the genus Lepthyphantes and description of the male spider of L. denisi Schenkel (Araneae: Linyphiidae)]. Journal of the Bethune Medical University 9(suppl.): 144-147. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Denisiphantes denisi Linyphiidae 146, f. 3d-f (f, Dm) Lepthyphantes denisi
Molestia hamifera Linyphiidae 145, f. 3a-c (Df) [] Lepthyphantes minhenensis
Tchatkalophantes bonneti Linyphiidae 146, f. 2a-d (Dmf) Lepthyphantes riyueshanensis
Tchatkalophantes huangyuanensis Linyphiidae 144, f. 1a-d (Dmf) Lepthyphantes huangyuanensis
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