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Heimer, S. (1984a). Remarks on the spider genus Arcys Walckenaer, 1837, with description of new species (Araneae, Mimetidae). Entomologische Abhandlungen, Staatliches Museum für Tierkunde Dresden 47: 155-178. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Arkys alatus Arkyidae 159, f. 1-2 (m) Arkys alatus
Arkys alticephala Arkyidae 172, f. 21-22 (mf) Arkys simsoni
Arkys brevipalpus Arkyidae 160, f. 3 (m, S) Arkys brevipalpus
Arkys bulburinensis Arkyidae 162, f. 4-6 (Dmf) Arkys bulburinensis
Arkys cornutus Arkyidae 164, f. 7-9 (mf) Arkys cornutus
Arkys gracilis Arkyidae 166, f. 10-11 (Dmf) Arkys gracilis
Arkys hickmani Arkyidae 167, f. 12-13 (Dmf) Arkys hickmani
Arkys lancearius Arkyidae 170, f. 14-16 (mf) Arkys lancearius
Arkys nimdol Arkyidae 170, f. 17 (m) Arkys nimdol
Arkys occidentalis Arkyidae 171, f. 18 (f) Arkys occidentalis
Arkys roosdorpi Arkyidae 171, f. 19 (f) Arkys roosdorpi
Arkys sibil Arkyidae 172, f. 20 (f) Arkys sibil
Arkys varians Arkyidae 175, f. 26 (m) Arkys varians
Arkys walckenaeri Arkyidae 175, f. 23-25 (mf, S) Arkys walckenaeri
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