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Wanless, F. R. (1984a). A review of the spider subfamily Spartaeinae nom. n. (Araneae: Salticidae) with descriptions of six new genera. Bulletin of the British Museum of Natural History (Zool.) 46: 135-205. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Brettus anchorum Salticidae 181, f. 23A-H (Dm) Brettus anchorum
Brettus cingulatus Salticidae 181, f. 32A-C, 33C-E, 36C-D (m) Brettus cingulatus
Cocalus limbatus Salticidae 180, f. 22A-D (m) Cocalus limbatus
Cyrba algerina Salticidae 186, f. 25A-F, 34F, 36A-B (mf) Cyrba algerina
Gelotia argenteolimbata Salticidae 174, f. 16A, 18A-F (m) Gelotia argenteolimbata
Gelotia bimaculata Salticidae 172, f. 16B, 17A-J, 30E-F, 33A-B, 35C-D (f, Sm, rejected) Gelotia bimaculata
Gelotia frenata Salticidae 170, f. 16D-F (f) Gelotia frenata
Gelotia robusta Salticidae 174, f. 16C, 19A-F (Dm) Gelotia robusta
Gelotia salax Salticidae 176, f. 20A-I (m) Gelotia salax
Gelotia syringopalpis Salticidae 178, f. 21A-I (Dmf) Gelotia syringopalpis
Meleon guineensis Salticidae 187, f. 26A-G (m; misidentified per Wijesinghe, 1994: 59) Meleon solitaria
Meleon kenti Salticidae 187, f. 34C-E, 36E (mf, T from Portia) Meleon kenti
Meleon madagascarensis Salticidae 195 (T from Portia) Meleon madagascarensis
Meleon madagascarensis Salticidae 195 (T from Portia) Meleon oreophila
Meleon russata Salticidae 195 (T from Portia) Meleon russata
Meleon solitaria Salticidae 187 (T from Portia; m f. 26A-G see Meleon guineensis) Meleon solitaria
Meleon solitaria Salticidae 195 (T from Portia) Meleon falcifera
Mintonia breviramis Salticidae 164, f. 12A-E (Dmf; N.B.: spelled thusly in key to males on p. 158, as breviramus in key to females and heading, but this spelling is grammatically correct) Mintonia breviramis
Mintonia mackiei Salticidae 160, f. 9A-D (Dm) Mintonia mackiei
Mintonia melinauensis Salticidae 165, f. 13A-D (Dm) Mintonia melinauensis
Mintonia nubilis Salticidae 161, f. 10A-F (Df) Mintonia nubilis
Mintonia protuberans Salticidae 162, f. 11A-F (Dm) Mintonia protuberans
Mintonia ramipalpis Salticidae 166, f. 14A-I, 15A-C, 31B-F, 34A-B, 35E-F, 36F (Tmf from Boethus=Spartaeus) Mintonia ramipalpis
Mintonia tauricornis Salticidae 158, f. 8A-H, 31A, 32E-F, 35B (Dmf) Mintonia tauricornis
Neobrettus tibialis Salticidae 183, f. 24A-H (Tm from Cyrba, Df) Neobrettus tibialis
Phaeacius fimbriatus Salticidae 190, f. 28A-H (mf) Phaeacius fimbriatus
Portia assamensis Salticidae 192, f. 29D-F (m) Portia assamensis
Portia labiata Salticidae 192, f. 29A-C (m) Portia labiata
Spartaeus spinimanus Salticidae 148, f. 3A-F, 4A-G, 30A-D, 33F, 35A (mf, T from Boethus, S of Boethus caligatus, B. gracilis and B. striatipes) Spartaeus spinimanus
Spartaeus thailandicus Salticidae 151, f. 5A-D (Df) Spartaeus thailandica
Taraxella solitaria Salticidae 156, f. 7A-G (Dm) Taraxella solitaria
Veissella durbani Salticidae 189, f. 27A-G (Tmf from Portia) Veissella durbanii
Yaginumanis sexdentatus Salticidae 153, f. 6A-J (Tmf from Boethus=Spartaeus) Yaginumanis sexdentatus
Genus Family Page
Meleon Wanless, 1984 Salticidae 186
Mintonia Wanless, 1984 Salticidae 157
Neobrettus Wanless, 1984 Salticidae 181
Taraxella Wanless, 1984 Salticidae 155
Veissella Wanless, 1984 Salticidae 189
Yaginumanis Wanless, 1984 Salticidae 152