Included taxa

Davies, V. T. (1985). Araneomorphae (in part). Zoological Catalogue of Australia 3: 49-125. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Argoctenus australianus Miturgidae 123 (Tf from Aenigmaaranea) Argoctenus australianus
Asianopis subrufa Deinopidae 61 (S of Deinopis bicornis) Deinopis subrufa
Hygropoda lineata Pisauridae 103 (Tf from Dendrolycosa, Sm) Hygropoda lineata
Knotodo gracilis Miturgidae 123 (Tm from Odo) Argoctenus gracilis
Lycosa dimota Lycosidae 76 (Tf from Isohogna=Hogna, S) Lycosa dimota
Lycosa hickmani Lycosidae 78 (Tf from Varacosa sensu Trochosa) Lycosa hickmani
Lycosa laeta Lycosidae 79 (Tmf from Allocosa, S) Lycosa laeta
Lycosa leucophaeoides Lycosidae 79 (Tf from Agalenocosa) Lycosa leucophaeoides
Macedoniola punctata Zodariidae 119 (incertae sedis, cannot be placed in a family, the type is lost; taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Macedoniola punctata
Mysmena tasmaniae Mysmenidae 91 (T by Brignoli rejected) Mysmena tasmaniae
Nyssus albopunctatus Corinnidae 119 (Tf from Storena) Supunna albomaculata
Nyssus coloripes Corinnidae 119 (S) Supunna picta
Philoponella pantherina Uloboridae 117 (Tf from Uloborus) Philoponella pantherinus
Scytodes longipes Scytodidae 106 (S of Scytodes penicillata) Scytodes longipes
Tetralycosa eyrei Lycosidae 76 (Tm from Pardosa) Lycosa eyrei
Zosis geniculata Uloboridae 118 (S of Uloborus spinitarsis) Zosis geniculatus
No genus found for this reference