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Eskov, K. Y. (1985). The spiders of tundra-zone in the USSR. Trudy Zoologicheskogo Instituta Akademii Nauk SSSR, Leningrad 139: 121-128. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Alopecosa hirta Lycosidae 122 (removed from S of A. hirtipes, contra Dondale & Redner, 1979: 1046, see under that name) Alopecosa hirta
Alopecosa pictilis Lycosidae 122 (includes f misidentified as A. hirta by KulczyƄski, 1908) Alopecosa pictilis
Alopecosa sibirica Lycosidae 122 (S) Alopecosa sibirica
Alopecosa solivaga Lycosidae 122 (S) Alopecosa solivaga
Bathyphantes reprobus Linyphiidae 122 (S) Bathyphantes reprobus
Dictyna hamifera Dictynidae 122 (S of Dictyna sibirica) Dictyna hamifera
Masikia indistincta Linyphiidae 122 (Tf from Macrargus, S of Masikia atra and M. caliginosa, S of M. caliginosa rejected by Nekhaeva, Marusik & Buckle, 2019: 158) Masikia indistincta
Semljicola simplex Linyphiidae 122 (Tf from Styloctetor=Ceratinopsis, Sm) Eboria simplex
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