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Hippa, H. & Oksala, I. (1985). A review of some Holarctic Agyneta Hull s. str. (Araneae, Linyphiidae). Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society 6: 277-288. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agyneta allosubtilis Linyphiidae 283, f. 2G-H; 5C, F-H (mf) Agyneta allosubtilis
Agyneta breviceps Linyphiidae 287, f. 3E, J; 6F-H (Df) Agyneta breviceps
Agyneta cauta Linyphiidae 279, f. 1A, D, G; 2A-B; 3B, G (mf) Agyneta cauta
Agyneta decora Linyphiidae 279 (S) Agyneta decora
Agyneta olivacea Linyphiidae 281, f. 1B, E; 2E-F; 3A, F (mf; removed from S of A. cauta) Agyneta olivacea
Agyneta ramosa Linyphiidae 285, f. 3C, H, 6A, E (f) Agyneta ramosa
Agyneta subtilis Linyphiidae 285, f. 2C-D, 5A-B, D-E (mf) Agyneta subtilis
Agyneta trifurcata Linyphiidae 285, f. 1C, F, H; 3D, I; 6B-D (Dmf) Agyneta trifurcata
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