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Paik, K. Y. (1985g). Studies on the Korean salticid (Araneae) I. A number of new record species from Korea and South Korea. Korean Arachnology 1(2): 43-56. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Asianellus festivus Salticidae 47, f. 17-27 (mf) Phlegra festiva
Attulus albolineatus Salticidae 44, f. 1-10 (mf) Sitticus albolineatus
Heliophanus ussuricus Salticidae 46, f. 11-16 (m) Heliophanus ussuricus
Plexippoides regius Salticidae 49, f. 28-37 (mf) Plexippoides regius
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