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Raven, R. J. (1985a). The spider infraorder Mygalomorphae (Araneae): Cladistics and systematics. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 182: 1-180. download pdf


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Acanthogonatus campanae Nemesiidae 83, f. 35-39 (m, misidentified) Acanthogonatus subcalpeiana
Acanthogonatus francki Nemesiidae 83, f. 31-34 Acanthogonatus frankii
Acanthogonatus francki Nemesiidae 107 (Tf from Stenoterommata) Acanthogonatus segne
Acanthogonatus incursus Nemesiidae 160 (Tf from Brachythele) Bolostromus incursus
Acanthogonatus tacuariensis Nemesiidae 101 (Tmf from Pycnothelopsis=Pycnothele) Acanthogonatus tacuariensis
Acontius hartmanni Cyrtaucheniidae 131, f. 206-212 (f) Acontius hartmanni
Aliatypus erebus Antrodiaetidae 124, f. 179-184 Aliatypus erebus
Ancylotrypa fossor Cyrtaucheniidae 129, f. 197-204 (f) Ancylotrypa fossor
Ancylotrypa zeltneri Cyrtaucheniidae 129, f. 205 (f) Ancylotrypa zeltneri
Anisaspis tuberculata Paratropididae 122, f. 165-170 Anisaspis tuberculata
Aphonopelma steindachneri Theraphosidae 160 (removed from S of Eurypelma californicum) Rhechostica steindachneri
Atmetochilus atriceps Nemesiidae 91, f. 56-59 Atmetochilus atriceps
Bistrigus muticus Barychelidae 145 (nomen dubium) Bistrigus muticus
Bolostromoides summorum Cyrtaucheniidae 133, f. 219-224 Bolostromoides summorum
Bolostromus fauna Cyrtaucheniidae 136, f. 229-239 (m) Bolostromus fauna
Bolostromus panamanus Cyrtaucheniidae 130 (Tf from Ancylotrypa) Bolostromus panamanus
Brachythele varrialei Nemesiidae 96, f. 85-91 (m) Brachythele varrialei
Calisoga theveneti Nemesiidae 160 (Tm from Brachythele) Calisoga theveneti
Chaco obscura Nemesiidae 103, f. 126-131 (m) Chaco obscura
Chenistonia trevallynia Nemesiidae 87, f. 40 (m) Aname trevallynia
Chilehexops australis Dipluridae 160 (Tf from Masteria) "Euagrus" australis
Conothele gressitti Halonoproctidae 142 (Tf from Ummidia) Conothele gressitti
Cyphonisia kissi Barychelidae 112 (Tm from Pisenor) Cyphonisia kissi
Cyphonisia nigella Barychelidae 112 (Tm from Pisenor) Cyphonisia nigella
Damarchus workmani Nemesiidae 90, f. 50-55 (f) Damarchus workmani
Dimazion fulvus Barychelidae 145 (nomen dubium) Dimazion fulvus
Diplothelopsis ornata Nemesiidae 97, f. 92-96 Diplothelopsis ornatus
Diplura garleppi Dipluridae 135 (Tf from Fufius) Diplura garleppi
Diplura macrura Dipluridae 74, f. 18-23 (m) Diplura macrura
Dolichothele exilis Theraphosidae 43, 155 (T from Leptopelma) Ischnocolus nigrioculatum
Entypesa schoutedeni Nemesiidae 86, f. 41 (m) Entypesa schoutedeni
Fufius antillensis Cyrtaucheniidae 136 (Tf from Tryssothele=Acanthogonatus per Roewer) Fufius antillensis
Fufius atramentarius Cyrtaucheniidae 134, f. 225-227 Fufius atramentarius
Hapalothele reuteri Dipluridae 146 (nomen dubium) Hapalothele reuteri
Hermacha tuckeri Nemesiidae 161 (replacement name for H. purcelli Tucker, 1917, preoccupied by Damarchodes p.) Hermacha tuckeri
Hermachura leuderwaldti Nemesiidae 108, f. 157-160 Hermachura leuderwaldti
Holothele longipes Theraphosidae 152 (Tmf from Dryptopelmides=Holothele) Dryptopelma rondoni
Homostola vulpecula Cyrtaucheniidae 127, f. 185-190 (f) Homostola vulpecula
Lepthercus dregei Nemesiidae 86, f. 44-49 (m) Lepthercus dregei
Liphistius desultor Liphistiidae 10, f. 9-12 (m) Liphistius desultor
Lycinus longipes Nemesiidae 98, f. 97-102 (m) Mygaloides longipes
Melloina gracilis Paratropididae 122, f. 16-17 (m) Glabropelma gracilis
Nemesia cellicola Nemesiidae 95, f. 79-84 (m) Nemesia cellicola
Neodiplothele fluminensis Barychelidae 102, f. 124-125 (m) Neodiplothele fluminensis
Neodiplothele irregularis Barychelidae 102, f. 120-123 Neodiplothele irregularis
Nhandu tripepii Theraphosidae 161 (Tm from Eurypelma=Avicularia) Hapalopus tripeppi
Ozicrypta palmarum Barychelidae 161 (Tf from Idioctis) Idiommata palmarum
Paratropis scruposa Paratropididae 122, f. 171-178 Paratropis scruposa
Pionothele straminea Nemesiidae 93, f. 73-78 (m) Pionothele straminea
Plesiolena bonneti Actinopodidae 144 (Tm from Actinopus) Missulena bonneti
Plesiothele fentoni Hexathelidae 71, f. 13-14 Plesiothele fentoni
Prorachias bristowei Nemesiidae 110, f. 161-164 Prorachias bristowei
Psalistopoides fulvimanus Nemesiidae 107, f. 148-156 (m; N.B.: this name was considered a junior synonym of Neostothis gigas Vellard by B├╝cherl, Timotheo & Lucas, 1971: 127) Pselligmus fulvimanus
Pselligmus infaustus Nemesiidae 107, f. 142-147 Pselligmus infaustus
Pycnothele auripila Nemesiidae 100, 102 (removed m from S of Pycnothele auronitens, rejected by Pérez-Miles & Capocasale, 1989) Androthelopsis auripilus
Pycnothele auronitens Nemesiidae 100 (Tm from Pycnothelopsis) Pycnothele auronitens
Pycnothele modesta Nemesiidae 101, f. 113-119 (m) Androthelopsis modestus
Pycnothele perdita Nemesiidae 100, f. 103-112 (m) Pycnothele perdita
Rachias brachythelus Nemesiidae 75 (Tm from Diplura) Rachias brachythele
Rachias conspersus Nemesiidae 108 (Tf from Mygale=Avicularia) Pselligmus conspersus
Rachias dispar Nemesiidae 105, f. 132-141 (mf) Rachias dispar
Rachias dolichosternus Nemesiidae 75 (Tm from Diplura) Rachias dolichosterna
Rachias piracicabensis Nemesiidae 106 (Tm from Rachias) Androthelopsis intermedius
Rhytidicolus structor Cyrtaucheniidae 132, f. 213-218 Rhytidicolus structor
Scalidognathus montanus Idiopidae 140, f. 250 Scalidognathus montanus
Scalidognathus radialis Idiopidae 140, f. 240-249 (m) Scalidognathus radialis
Scalidognathus seticeps Idiopidae 161, f. 251-253 (removed from S of S. radialis, contra Simon, 1892a: 116) Scalidognathus seticeps
Sipalolasma arthrapophysis Barychelidae 161 (Tmf from Sasonichus) Sipalolasma arthrapophysis
Spiroctenus fossorius Nemesiidae 92, f. 69-72 Spiroctenus fossorina
Spiroctenus personatus Nemesiidae 92, f. 60-68 (m) Spiroctenus personatus
Stenoterommata platensis Nemesiidae 108 (Tmf from Pselligmus) Stenoterommata argentinense
Trichopelma corozali Theraphosidae 113 (Tf from Psalistops) Trichopelma corozali
Genus Family Page
Rhianodes Raven, 1985 Barychelidae ?
Teranodes Raven, 1985 Hexathelidae ?