Included taxa

Davies, V. T. & Gallon, J. A. (1986). Type specimens of spiders (Araneae) in the Queensland Museum. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 22: 225-236. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Abba transversa Araneidae 233 (Rainbow's f = Gea theridioides) Araneus transversus
Cyrtophora moluccensis Araneidae 232, 233 (S of Cyrtophora albopunctata and C. simoni) Cyrtophora moluccensis
Mesida argentiopunctata Tetragnathidae 234 (Tmf from Meta) Mesida argentiopunctata
Psechrus argentatus Psechridae 236 (S of Uloborus flavolineatus) Psechrus argentatus
Thwaitesia argentiopunctata Theridiidae 236 (Tf from Argyrodes) Thwaitesia argentiopunctata
Thwaitesia nigronodosa Theridiidae 236 (T from Argyrodes) Thwaitesia nigronodosa
No genus found for this reference