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Matsuda, M. (1986). Supplementary note to "A list of spiders of the central mountain district (Taisetsuzan National Park), Hokkaido.". Bulletin of the Higashi Taisetsu Museum of Natural History 8: 83-92. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Alopecosa hokkaidensis Lycosidae 85, f. 19-22 (mf) Alopecosa hokkaidensis
Attulus floricola Salticidae 88, f. 32 (f) Sitticus floricola
Drapetisca socialis Linyphiidae 88, f. 1-4 (f) Drapetisca socialis
Heliophanus ussuricus Salticidae 87, f. 27-30 (mf) Heliophanus ussuricus
Iwogumoa interuna Agelenidae 89, f. 17-18 (m) Coelotes interunus
Maso sundevalli Linyphiidae 88, f. 8 (f) Maso sundevalli
Microneta viaria Linyphiidae 88, f. 5-7 (mf) Microneta viaria
Philodromus margaritatus Philodromidae 86, f. 23-24 (m) Philodromus margaritatus
Phlegra fasciata Salticidae 89, f. 31 (f) Phlegra fasciata
Praestigia kulczynskii Linyphiidae 84, f. 9-12 (mf) Praestigia kulczynskii
Sibianor aurocinctus Salticidae 87, f. 25-26 (f) Bianor aurocinctus
Tegecoelotes secundus Agelenidae 88, f. 13-16 (mf) Coelotes erraticus
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