Included taxa

Platnick, N. I. (1986d). On the tibial and patellar glands, relationships, and American genera of the spider family Leptonetidae (Arachnida, Araneae). American Museum Novitates 2855: 1-16. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Appaleptoneta barrowsi Leptonetidae 15, f. 49 (Tf from Leptoneta) Appaleptoneta barrowsi
Appaleptoneta coma Leptonetidae 15, f. 50 (Tmf from Leptoneta) Appaleptoneta coma
Appaleptoneta credula Leptonetidae 15, f. 51 (Tf from Leptoneta) Appaleptoneta credula
Appaleptoneta fiskei Leptonetidae 15, f. 52 (Tf from Leptoneta) Appaleptoneta fiskei
Appaleptoneta gertschi Leptonetidae 15, f. 47-48 (Tmf from Leptoneta) Appaleptoneta gertschi
Appaleptoneta jonesi Leptonetidae 15, f. 53 (Tmf from Leptoneta) Appaleptoneta jonesi
Appaleptoneta silvicultrix Leptonetidae 15, f. 54 (Tmf from Leptoneta) Appaleptoneta silvicultrix
Calileptoneta californica Leptonetidae 15, f. 55-56 (Tmf from Leptoneta) Calileptoneta californica
Calileptoneta helferi Leptonetidae 15, f. 57 (Tmf from Leptoneta) Calileptoneta helferi
Calileptoneta noyoana Leptonetidae 15, f. 58 (Tm from Leptoneta) Calileptoneta noyoana
Calileptoneta oasa Leptonetidae 15, f. 59 (Tmf from Leptoneta) Calileptoneta oasa
Calileptoneta wapiti Leptonetidae 15, f. 60 (Tmf from Leptoneta) Calileptoneta wapiti
Falcileptoneta striata Leptonetidae 8, f. 1-2, 9-10 (f) Falcileptoneta striata
Montanineta sandra Leptonetidae 9, f. 3-4, 11 Leptoneta sandra
Neoleptoneta brunnea Leptonetidae 12, f. 61, 62 Leptoneta brunnea
Genus Family Page
Appaleptoneta Platnick, 1986 Leptonetidae 15
Calileptoneta Platnick, 1986 Leptonetidae 15