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Raven, R. J. (1986). A revision of the spider genus Sason Simon (Sasoninae, Barychelidae, Mygalomorphae) and its historical biogeography. Journal of Arachnology 14: 47-70. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Sason andamanicum Barychelidae 54, f. 4-9 (m) Sason andamanicum
Sason colemani Barychelidae 56, f. 10-20 (Dmf) Sason colemani
Sason maculatum Barychelidae 59, f. 21-26 (f) Sason maculatum
Sason pectinatum Barychelidae 61, f. 27-29 (j) Sason pectinatum
Sason robustum Barychelidae 62, f. 1-2, 30-45 (mf, S) Sason robustum
Sason sechellanum Barychelidae 67, f. 46-49 (f) Sason seychellanum
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