Included taxa

Roth, V. D. & Brown, W. L. (1986). Catalog of Nearctic Agelenidae. Occasional Papers of the Museum Texas Tech University 99: 1-21. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agelenopsis aperta Agelenidae 4 (S) Agelenopsis aperta
Calymmaria persica Cybaeidae 17 (lapsus, nomen dubium) Calymmaria perisca
Cicurina arcata Hahniidae 7 (S) Cicurina arcata
Cicurina breviaria Hahniidae 7 (S) Cicurina breviaria
Cicurina gertschi Hahniidae 7 (S) Cicurina gertschi
Cicurina intermedia Hahniidae 7 (S) Cicurina intermedia
Cicurina pagosa Hahniidae 7 (S) Cicurina pagosa
Cicurina placida Hahniidae 8 (S) Cicurina placida
Cicurina robusta Hahniidae 8 (S) Cicurina robusta
Coelotes exaptus Agelenidae 16 (belongs to a not specified genus of Clubionidae) Coelotes exaptus
Cybaeus giganteus Cybaeidae 3 (S, rejected) Cybaeus giganteus
Cybaeus patritus Cybaeidae 3 (S, rejected) Cybaeus giganteus
Cybaeus silicis Cybaeidae 3 (S of Cybaeus silicis, rejected by Bennett, 2006: 490) Cybaeus giganteus
No genus found for this reference