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Song, D. X. (1986b). A revision of the Chinese wolf spiders of the genus Alopecosa described by Schenkel (Araneae: Lycosidae). Sinozoologia 4: 73-82. download pdf


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Alopecosa auripilosa Lycosidae 74, f. 3-6 (Tm from Lycosa, Sf) Alopecosa auripilosa
Alopecosa cinnameopilosa Lycosidae 78, f. 19-22 (f) Alopecosa cinnameopilosa
Alopecosa edax Lycosidae 77, f. 13 (m) Alopecosa pseudohirta
Alopecosa hamata Lycosidae 78, f. 18 (m, S) Alopecosa hamata
Alopecosa kratochvili Lycosidae 81, f. 25-26 (m) Alopecosa kratochvili
Alopecosa licenti Lycosidae 77, f. 14-17 (mf, S) Alopecosa licenti
Alopecosa pseudocuneata Lycosidae 73, f. 1-2 (Sf) Alopecosa pseudocuneata
Alopecosa sibirica Lycosidae 75, f. 9-12 (mf, S) Alopecosa sibirica
Alopecosa subrufa Lycosidae 79, f. 23-24 (f, S) Alopecosa subrufa
Alopecosa sulzeri Lycosidae 75, f. 7-8 (f) Alopecosa aerosa
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