Included taxa

Wesołowska, W. (1986). A revision of the genus Heliophanus C. L. Koch, 1833 (Aranei: Salticidae). Annales Zoologici, Warszawa 40: 1-254. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Chalcoscirtus janetscheki Salticidae 229, f. 854-855 (Tf from Heliophanus) Chalcoscirtus janetscheki
Chalcoscirtus rehobothicus Salticidae 229, f. 856 (Tf from Heliophanus) Chalcoscirtus rehobothicus
Heliophanillus fulgens Salticidae 230 (Tmf from Heliophanus) Pseudicius lucipeta
Heliophanillus suedicola Salticidae 230 (Tmf from Heliophanus) Pseudicius suedicola
Heliophanus abditus Salticidae 221, f. 760-761 (Df) Heliophanus abditus
Heliophanus aberdarensis Salticidae 224, f. 793-794 (Df) Heliophanus aberdarensis
Heliophanus activus Salticidae 224, f. 795-802 (mf) Heliophanus activus
Heliophanus acutissimus Salticidae 222, f. 762-765 (Dm) Heliophanus acutissimus
Heliophanus aeneus Salticidae 210, f. 612-621 (mf) Heliophanus aeneus
Heliophanus aeneus Salticidae 232 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus inornatus
Heliophanus africanus Salticidae 224, f. 803-804 (Df) Heliophanus africanus
Heliophanus agricola Salticidae 209, f. 589-600 (Dmf) Heliophanus agricola
Heliophanus alienus Salticidae 225, f. 805-806 (Df) Heliophanus alienus
Heliophanus anomalus Salticidae 232 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus anomalus
Heliophanus apiatus Salticidae 39, f. 447-455 (mf) Heliophanus apiatus
Heliophanus auratus Salticidae 212, f. 629-639 (mf, S) Heliophanus auratus
Heliophanus aviculus Salticidae 29, f. 279-288 (mf) Heliophanus aviculus
Heliophanus baicalensis Salticidae 45, f. 536-537 (f) Heliophanus baicalensis
Heliophanus baicalensis Salticidae 233 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus mongolicus
Heliophanus bellus Salticidae 14, f. 39-44 (Dm) Heliophanus bellus
Heliophanus berlandi Salticidae 231, f. 871-872 (f) Heliophanus berlandi
Heliophanus bisulcus Salticidae 16, f. 70-74 (Dm) Heliophanus bisulcus
Heliophanus bisulcus Salticidae 22, f. 176-179 (Df) [] Heliophanus villosus
Heliophanus butemboensis Salticidae 24, f. 199-200 (Df) Heliophanus butemboensis
Heliophanus camtschadalicus Salticidae 44, f. 534-535 (f) Heliophanus camtschadalicus
Heliophanus canariensis Salticidae 222, f. 766-774 (Dmf) Heliophanus canariensis
Heliophanus capensis Salticidae 12, f. 12-17 (Df) Heliophanus capensis
Heliophanus capicola Salticidae 225, f. 807-813 (mf) Heliophanus capicola
Heliophanus cassinicola Salticidae 28, f. 261-278 (mf, S) Heliophanus cassinicola
Heliophanus chikangawanus Salticidae 225, f. 814-818 (Dm) Heliophanus chikangawanus
Heliophanus chovdensis Salticidae 222, f. 775 (f) Heliophanus chovdensis
Heliophanus claviger Salticidae 15, f. 54-63 (mf) Heliophanus claviger
Heliophanus congolensis Salticidae 19, f. 124-132 (m, Df) Heliophanus congolensis
Heliophanus conspicuus Salticidae 41, f. 487-491 (Dm) Heliophanus conspicuus
Heliophanus creticus Salticidae 40, f. 467-475 (m, Df) Heliophanus creticus
Heliophanus crudeni Salticidae 26, f. 231-239 (mf) Heliophanus crudeni
Heliophanus cupreus Salticidae 215, f. 671-683 (mf, S of Heliophanus cupreus cuprescens and H. cupreus globifer) Heliophanus cupreus
Heliophanus cupreus Salticidae 232 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus micans
Heliophanus cupreus Salticidae 233 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus tricinctus
Heliophanus curvidens Salticidae 45, f. 538-548 (mf, S) Heliophanus curvidens
Heliophanus dampfi Salticidae 44, f. 523-533 (mf) Heliophanus dampfi
Heliophanus deamatus Salticidae 31, f. 310-319 (m) Heliophanus deamatus
Heliophanus debilis Salticidae 21, f. 148-162 (mf) Heliophanus debilis
Heliophanus decoratus Salticidae 208, f. 549-557, 559-566, 570-583 (mf, S; not f. 584, =H. sinaicus) Heliophanus decoratus
Heliophanus deformis Salticidae 226, f. 819-824 (Dmf) Heliophanus deformis
Heliophanus demonstrativus Salticidae 19, f. 118-123 (Dmf) Heliophanus demonstrativus
Heliophanus deserticola Salticidae 12, f. 4-9 (mf) Heliophanus deserticola
Heliophanus didieri Salticidae 232 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus didieri
Heliophanus difficilis Salticidae 226, f. 825-827 (Df) Heliophanus difficilis
Heliophanus dilutus Salticidae 232 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus dilutus
Heliophanus dubius Salticidae 211, f. 622-628 (mf) Heliophanus dubius
Heliophanus dubius Salticidae 233 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus nitens
Heliophanus dubourgi Salticidae 232 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus dubourgi
Heliophanus edentulus Salticidae 17, f. 96-104 (mf, S) Heliophanus edentulus
Heliophanus encifer Salticidae 40, f. 456-466 (mf, S) Heliophanus encifer
Heliophanus equester Salticidae 213, f. 652-660 (mf, S) Heliophanus equester
Heliophanus erythropleurus Salticidae 226, f. 828 (f) Heliophanus erythropleurus
Heliophanus eucharis Salticidae 15, f. 64-69 (mf) Heliophanus eucharis
Heliophanus falcatus Salticidae 35, f. 367-375 (Dmf) Heliophanus falcatus
Heliophanus fascinatus Salticidae 23, f. 186-198 (Dmf) Heliophanus fascinatus
Heliophanus flavimaxillis Salticidae 232 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus flavimaxillis
Heliophanus flavipes Salticidae 213, f. 640-651 (mf, S) Heliophanus flavipes
Heliophanus forcipifer Salticidae 215, f. 667-670 (m) Heliophanus forcipifer
Heliophanus giltayi Salticidae 24, f. 201-209 (mf, S) Heliophanus giltayi
Heliophanus gladiator Salticidae 38, f. 434-441 (Dm; not f = H. imperator per Wesołowska, 2003a: 265) Heliophanus gladiator
Heliophanus glaucus Salticidae 208, f. 558, 567-569 (mf, S of Heliophanus albescens) Heliophanus glaucus
Heliophanus gloriosus Salticidae 16, f. 79-89 (Dmf) Heliophanus gloriosus
Heliophanus hamifer Salticidae 37, f. 420-431 (mf) Heliophanus hamifer
Heliophanus harpago Salticidae 33, f. 341-345 (m, Df) Heliophanus harpago
Heliophanus hastatus Salticidae 24, f. 210-214 (Dm) Heliophanus hastatus
Heliophanus horrifer Salticidae 227, f. 829-830 (Df) Heliophanus horrifer
Heliophanus ibericus Salticidae 209, f. 585-588 (Dm) Heliophanus ibericus
Heliophanus imerinensis Salticidae 37, f. 412-419 (m) Heliophanus imerinensis
Heliophanus imperator Salticidae 25, f. 226-230 (Dm) Heliophanus imperator
Heliophanus improcerus Salticidae 35, f. 376-383 (Dmf) Heliophanus improcerus
Heliophanus infaustus Salticidae 32, f. 327-340 (mf) Heliophanus orchestioides
Heliophanus innominatus Salticidae 38, f. 432-433 (Df) Heliophanus innominatus
Heliophanus insperatus Salticidae 17, f. 90-95 (Dm) Heliophanus insperatus
Heliophanus iranus Salticidae 223, f. 776-786 (Dmf) Heliophanus iranus
Heliophanus kankanensis Salticidae 36, f. 384-400 (mf) Heliophanus kankanensis
Heliophanus kashmiricus Salticidae 232 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus kashmiricus
Heliophanus kenyaensis Salticidae 26, f. 240-252 (Dmf) Heliophanus kenyaensis
Heliophanus kilimanjaroensis Salticidae 28, f. 259-260 (Df) Heliophanus kilimanjaroensis
Heliophanus kochii Salticidae 217, f. 702-717 (mf, S) Heliophanus kochii
Heliophanus lawrencei Salticidae 34, f. 359-366 (Dmf) Heliophanus lawrencei
Heliophanus lesserti Salticidae 31, f. 320-326 (Dmf) Heliophanus lesserti
Heliophanus lineiventris Salticidae 216, f. 1-3, 686-701 (mf, S of Heliophanus pouzdranensis) Heliophanus lineiventris
Heliophanus macentensis Salticidae 227, f. 831-836 (f) Heliophanus macentensis
Heliophanus machaerodus Salticidae 219, f. 726-732 (mf) Heliophanus machaerodus
Heliophanus maculatus Salticidae 231, f. 880-882 (m) Heliophanus maculatus
Heliophanus malus Salticidae 223, f. 787-788 (Df) Heliophanus malus
Heliophanus marshalli Salticidae 16, f. 75-78 (m) Heliophanus marshalli
Heliophanus mauricianus Salticidae 36, f. 401-411 (m, Df) Heliophanus mauricianus
Heliophanus melinus Salticidae 220, f. 741-751 (mf) Heliophanus melinus
Heliophanus menemeriformis Salticidae 230, f. 866-870 (mf) Heliophanus menemeriformis
Heliophanus minutissimus Salticidae 232 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus minutissimus
Heliophanus mirabilis Salticidae 14, f. 50-53 (Dm) Heliophanus mirabilis
Heliophanus modicus Salticidae 25, f. 215-225 (f, Dm) Heliophanus modicus
Heliophanus moestus Salticidae 232 (lapsus, nomen dubium) Heliophanus maestus
Heliophanus mordax Salticidae 41, f. 476-486 (m, S) Heliophanus mordax
Heliophanus mordax Salticidae 214, f. 661-663 (f, misidentified) Heliophanus ignorabilis
Heliophanus mucronatus Salticidae 227, f. 837-842 (m, Df) Heliophanus mucronatus
Heliophanus muscorum Salticidae 210 (probable senior S of Heliophanus aeneus, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Aranea muscorum
Heliophanus nitidus Salticidae 233 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus nitidus
Heliophanus niveiventris Salticidae 233 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus niveiventris
Heliophanus nivosus Salticidae 233 (nomen dubium confirmed) Heliophanus nivosus
Heliophanus nobilis Salticidae 228, f. 843-847 (Dm) Heliophanus nobilis
Heliophanus nossibeensis Salticidae 233 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus nossibeensis
Heliophanus ochrichelis Salticidae 228, f. 848-849 (f) Heliophanus ochrichelis
Heliophanus orchesta Salticidae 30, f. 295-309 (mf, S) Heliophanus orchesta
Heliophanus patagiatus Salticidae 221, f. 752-759 (mf) Heliophanus patagiatus
Heliophanus patellaris Salticidae 22, f. 163-175 (m, Df) Heliophanus patellaris
Heliophanus paulus Salticidae 22, f. 180-185 (Dmf) Heliophanus paulus
Heliophanus pauper Salticidae 228, f. 850-851 (Df) Heliophanus pauper
Heliophanus peckhami Salticidae 13, f. 18-38 (m, Sf) Heliophanus peckhami
Heliophanus portentosus Salticidae 14, f. 45-49 (Dm) Heliophanus portentosus
Heliophanus potanini Salticidae 219, f. 733-740 (mf) Heliophanus potanini
Heliophanus pratti Salticidae 39, f. 442-446 (m) Heliophanus pratti
Heliophanus pulverulosus Salticidae 233 (nomen dubium confirmed) Heliophanus pulverulentus
Heliophanus ramosus Salticidae 42, f. 503-506 (Dm) Heliophanus ramosus
Heliophanus recurvus Salticidae 233 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus recurvus
Heliophanus redimitus Salticidae 12, f. 10-11 (f) Heliophanus redimitus
Heliophanus riedeli Salticidae 233 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus riedeli
Heliophanus robustus Salticidae 29, f. 289-294 (m) Heliophanus robustus
Heliophanus rufithorax Salticidae 218, f. 718-725 (mf) Heliophanus rufithorax
Heliophanus semirasus Salticidae 34, f. 354-358 (m) Heliophanus semirasus
Heliophanus simplex Salticidae 210, f. 601-611 (mf) Heliophanus simplex
Heliophanus sinaicus Salticidae 208, f. 584 (f, misidentified, per Logunov, 2015: 45) Heliophanus decoratus
Heliophanus soudanicus Salticidae 233 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus soudanicus
Heliophanus stylifer Salticidae 43, f. 507-513 (mf, S) Heliophanus stylifer
Heliophanus tessalensis Salticidae 233 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus tessalensis
Heliophanus transvaalicus Salticidae 33, f. 346-353 (mf) Heliophanus transvaalicus
Heliophanus trepidus Salticidae 20, f. 133-147 (m, Df) Heliophanus trepidus
Heliophanus tribulosus Salticidae 42, f. 492-502 (mf) Heliophanus tribulosus
Heliophanus tribulosus Salticidae 232 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus cognatus
Heliophanus turanicus Salticidae 216, f. 684-685 (mf) Heliophanus turanicus
Heliophanus uncinatus Salticidae 233 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus uncinatus
Heliophanus undecimmaculatus Salticidae 18, f. 105-117 (f, Dm) Heliophanus undecimmaculatus
Heliophanus ussuricus Salticidae 43, f. 514-522 (mf) Heliophanus ussuricus
Heliophanus uvirensis Salticidae 229, f. 852-853 (Df) Heliophanus uvirensis
Heliophanus validus Salticidae 27, f. 253-258 (Dmf) Heliophanus validus
Heliophanus verus Salticidae 223, f. 789-792 (Dm) Heliophanus verus
Heliophanus verus Salticidae 214, f. 664-665 (Df, holotype only, not f. 661-663, = H. mordax) Heliophanus ignorabilis
Heliophanus viridimanus Salticidae 233 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus viridimanus
Heliophanus vittatus Salticidae 233 (nomen dubium) Heliophanus vittatus
Phintella aequipes Salticidae 231, f. 873-875 (f) Heliophanus clarus
Phintella indica Salticidae 231, f. 876-879 (Tm from Heliophanus) Pseudicius indicus
Pseudicius ghesquieri Salticidae 230, f. 857-861 (Tm from Heliophanus) Pseudicius ghesquieri
Pseudicius marshi Salticidae 230, f. 862-865 (Tm from Heliophanus) Pseudicius marshi
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