Included taxa

Hayashi, T. (1987). Some spiders of the genus Clubiona (Araneae: Clubionidae) from Hokkaido. Bulletin of the Biogeographical Society of Japan 42: 33-41. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Clubiona ezoensis Clubionidae 36, f. 15-22 (Dmf) Clubiona ezoensis
Clubiona japonica Clubionidae 33 (S) Clubiona japonica
Clubiona kurilensis Clubionidae 33, f. 1-2 (m) Clubiona kurilensis
Clubiona mayumiae Clubionidae 35, f. 3-11 (mf, misidentified) Clubiona propinqua
Clubiona riparia Clubionidae 36, f. 12-13 (f) Clubiona yagata
Clubiona rostrata Clubionidae 35, f. 14 (f) Clubiona rostrata
Clubiona tsurusakii Clubionidae 39, f. 23-30 (Dmf) Clubiona tsurusakii
No genus found for this reference