Included taxa

Jocqué, R. (1987a). Descriptions of new genera and species of African Zodariinae with a revision of the genus Heradida (Araneae, Zodariidae). Revue Zoologique Africaine 101: 143-163. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Akyttara akagera Zodariidae 150, f. 13-16, 20-22 (Dm) Akyttara akagera
Akyttara mahnerti Zodariidae 151, f. 23 (Df) Akyttara mahnerti
Akyttara ritchiei Zodariidae 151, f. 24-26 (Dm) Akyttara ritchiei
Dusmadiores doubeni Zodariidae 156, f. 40-42 (Dmf) Dusmadiores doubeni
Dusmadiores katelijnae Zodariidae 154, f. 27-36 (Dmf) Dusmadiores katelijnae
Dusmadiores robanja Zodariidae 156, f. 37-39 (Dmf) Dusmadiores robanja
Heradida extima Zodariidae 145, f. 3-8 (Df) Heradida extima
Heradida griffinae Zodariidae 147, f. 9-10, 17-19 (Dmf) Heradida griffinae
Heradida loricata Zodariidae 145, f. 1-2 (f) Heradida loricata
Heradida quadrimaculata Zodariidae 145 (belongs to the Clubionidae s.l.) Heradida quadrimaculata
Heradida speculigera Zodariidae 147, f. 11-12 (Df) Heradida speculigera
Heradida xerampelina Zodariidae 145 (belongs in an other genus) Heradida xerampelina
Mastidiores kora Zodariidae 158, f. 43-49 (Dmf) Mastidiores kora
Microdiores chowo Zodariidae 161, f. 50-60 (Dmf) Microdiores chowo
Genus Family Page
Akyttara Jocqué, 1987 Zodariidae 150
Dusmadiores Jocqué, 1987 Zodariidae 153
Mastidiores Jocqué, 1987 Zodariidae 158
Microdiores Jocqué, 1987 Zodariidae 161