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Wanless, F. R. (1987). Notes on spiders of the family Salticidae. 1. The genera Spartaeus, Mintonia and Taraxella. Bulletin of the British Museum of Natural History (Zool.) 52: 107-137. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Mintonia caliginosa Salticidae 118, f. 8A-E, 19A-C (Dm) Mintonia caliginosa
Mintonia melinauensis Salticidae 116, f. 7A-E (Df) Mintonia melinauensis
Mintonia silvicola Salticidae 119, f. 9A-G (Dm) Mintonia silvicola
Mintonia tauricornis Salticidae 137, f. 20A-B (m) Mintonia tauricornis
Portia labiata Salticidae 107, f. 3, 20C Portia labiata
Spartaeus thailandicus Salticidae 110, f. 4A-I (Dm) Spartaeus thailandicus
Spartaeus wildtrackii Salticidae 112, f. 1-2, 5A-G, 6A-E, 14A-C, 15A-C, 16A-D, 17A-G, 18A-D (Dmf) Spartaeus wildtrackii
Taraxella hillyardi Salticidae 122, f. 10A-F (Dm) Taraxella hillyardi
Taraxella petrensis Salticidae 123, f. 11A-J (Dmf) Taraxella petrensis
Taraxella reinholdae Salticidae 128, f. 13A-G (Dm) Taraxella reinholdae
Taraxella sumatrana Salticidae 125, f. 12A-J (Dmf) Taraxella sumatrana
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