Included taxa

Simon, E. (1880a). Révision de la famille des Sparassidae (Arachnides). Actes de la Société Linnéenne de Bordeaux 34(2/3/4): 223-351. [issue 3 and 4 were published in 1881, but a complete seperate extract was available in 1880, see the last page of the pdf] download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Adcatomus luteus Sparassidae 318 Sadala lutea
Arachosia bergi Anyphaenidae 345 (Dm) Phidyle bergi
Cebrennus aethiopicus Sparassidae 334 (Dm) Cebrennus aethiopicus
Cebrennus castaneitarsis Sparassidae 333 (Dm) Cebrennus castaneitarsis
Cebrennus kochi Sparassidae 332 Cebrennus kochi
Cebrennus wagae Sparassidae 332 Cebrennus wagae
Cerbalus pulcherrimus Sparassidae 335 (f) Cebrennus pulcherrimus
Clastes freycineti Sparassidae 273 (Df) Heteropoda freycineti
Curicaberis ferrugineus Sparassidae 300 Olios ferrugineus
Damastes coquereli Sparassidae 243 (Dj) Damastes coquereli
Damastes flavomaculatus Sparassidae 244 (Dj) Damastes flavomaculatus
Damastes grandidieri Sparassidae 242 (Df) Damastes grandidieri
Damastes validus Sparassidae 249 Isopeda valida
Doliomalus cimicoides Trochanteriidae 236 Plator cimicoides
Doliomalus laminus Trochanteriidae 236 (T from Delena) Plator laminus
Eusparassus walckenaeri Sparassidae 291 Sparassus tersus
Eusparassus walckenaeri Sparassidae 292 (m) Sparassus walckenaeri
Eusparassus walckenaeri Sparassidae 294 (Dm) Sparassus fontanieri
Gnathopalystes crucifer Sparassidae 266 (Df; locality corrected by Simon, 1897a: 65) Palystes crucifer
Gnathopalystes ignicomus Sparassidae 271 Heteropoda vulpina
Gnathopalystes kochi Sparassidae 265 (Df) Palystes kochi
Heteropoda badiella Sparassidae 269 Heteropoda badia
Heteropoda boiei Sparassidae 271 Heteropoda boiei
Heteropoda boiei Sparassidae 274 (Df) Heteropoda flavimana
Heteropoda boiei Sparassidae 283 (Dj) Adrastis atomaria
Heteropoda cervina Sparassidae 270 Heteropoda cervina
Heteropoda crassa Sparassidae 277 (Df) Heteropoda crassa
Heteropoda debilis Sparassidae 270 Heteropoda debilis
Heteropoda ignichelis Sparassidae 261 (Df) Panaretus ignichelis
Heteropoda javana Sparassidae 260 (Df) Panaretus javanus
Heteropoda jugulans Sparassidae 269 Heteropoda jugulans
Heteropoda longipes Sparassidae 269 Heteropoda longipes
Heteropoda lunula Sparassidae 257 (Df) Tortula gloriosa
Heteropoda mediocris Sparassidae 276 (Df) Heteropoda mediocris
Heteropoda meticulosa Sparassidae 278 (Df) Heteropoda meticulosa
Heteropoda nobilis Sparassidae 269 Heteropoda nobilis
Heteropoda nobilis Sparassidae 270 Heteropoda suspiciosa
Heteropoda procera Sparassidae 270 Heteropoda procera
Heteropoda rosea Sparassidae 301 Olios roseus
Heteropoda sartrix Sparassidae 270 Heteropoda sartrix
Heteropoda serena Sparassidae 269 (T from Sparassus) Heteropoda serena
Heteropoda variegata Sparassidae 271 (Dmf) Heteropoda variegata
Heteropoda venatoria Sparassidae 270 Heteropoda aulica
Heteropoda venatoria Sparassidae 263 Palystes maderianus
Heteropoda venatoria Sparassidae 270 Heteropoda invicta
Holconia immanis Sparassidae 246 Holconia immanis
Holconia insignis Sparassidae 245 Holconia insignis
Isopeda dolosa Sparassidae 246 (T from Volconia) Holconia dolosa
Meri mathani Sparassidae 327 (Df) Sadala mathani
Meri pictitarsis Sparassidae 320 (Dmf) Sadala pictitarsis
Micrommata formosa Sparassidae 285 (m) Micrommata ophthalmica
Morebilus diversus Trachycosmidae 239 Rebilus diversus
Morebilus diversus Trachycosmidae 239 Rebilus praesignis
Morebilus plagusius Trachycosmidae 240 Hemicloea plagusia
Neosparassus calligaster Sparassidae 315 Sarotes calligaster
Neosparassus conspicuus Sparassidae 315 Sarotes conspicuus
Neosparassus diana Sparassidae 314 Sarotes diana
Neosparassus festivus Sparassidae 299 Olios festivus
Neosparassus haemorrhoidalis Sparassidae 314 Sarotes haemorrhoidalis
Neosparassus macilentus Sparassidae 300 Olios macilentus
Neosparassus nitellinus Sparassidae 315 Sarotes nitelinus
Neosparassus pallidus Sparassidae 315 Sarotes pallidus
Neosparassus patellatus Sparassidae 314 Sarotes patellatus
Neosparassus pictus Sparassidae 315 Sarotes pictus
Neosparassus praeclarus Sparassidae 315 Sarotes praeclarus
Neosparassus punctatus Sparassidae 315 Sarotes punctatus
Neosparassus rutilus Sparassidae 314 Sarotes rutilus
Neosparassus salacius Sparassidae 314 Sarotes salacius
Nolavia antiguensis Sparassidae 318 Sadala antiguensis
Nolavia helva Sparassidae 300 Olios helvus
Olbus sparassoides Corinnidae 296 Olbus sparassoides
Olios africanus Sparassidae 299 Olios africanus
Olios atomarius Sparassidae 309 (Df) Olios atomarius
Olios auricomis Sparassidae 312 (Dm) Midamus auricomis
Olios baulnyi Sparassidae 312 Midamus baulnyi
Olios canariensis Sparassidae 298 Olios canariensis
Olios clarus Sparassidae 300 Olios clarus
Olios coccineiventris Sparassidae 315 (Dmf) Sarotes coccineiventris
Olios detritus Sparassidae 299 Olios detritus
Olios fasciculatus Sparassidae 307 (Dmf) Olios fasciculatus
Olios fasciiventris Sparassidae 306 (Df) Olios fasciiventris
Olios lamarcki Sparassidae 301 Olios lamarcki
Olios maculatus Sparassidae 311 Olios maculatus
Olios obscurus Sparassidae 300 Olios obscurus
Olios occidentalis Sparassidae 299 Olios occidentalis
Olios ornatus Sparassidae 299 Olios ornatus
Olios paraensis Sparassidae 319 (Dm) Sadala paraensis
Olios pellucidus Sparassidae 310 Sadala pellucida
Olios peruvianus Sparassidae 310 Olios montanus
Olios pusillus Sparassidae 305 (Df) Olios pusillus
Olios quadrispilotus Sparassidae 330 (Df) Nisueta quadrispilota
Olios senilis Sparassidae 303 (Df) Olios senilis
Olios sericeus Sparassidae 298 Olios sericeus
Olios striatus Sparassidae 311 Olios striatus
Olios sylvaticus Sparassidae 310 Olios sylvaticus
Olios tigrinus Sparassidae 310 Olios tigrinus
Olios ventrosus Sparassidae 319 Sadala ventrosus
Olios zulu Sparassidae 304 (Df) Olios zulu
Origes nigrovittatus Sparassidae 310 Olios nigrovittatus
Palystes castaneus Sparassidae 262 Palystes castaneus
Palystes castaneus Sparassidae 263 (Dm) Palystes chaperi
Palystes castaneus Sparassidae 298 Olios melanogaster
Palystes derasus Sparassidae 298 Olios derasus
Palystes superciliosus Sparassidae 299 (T from Heteropoda) Olios natalicus
Pandercetes peronianus Sparassidae 269 Heteropoda peroniana
Pandercetes plumipes Sparassidae 254 Tychicus plumipes
Parapalystes megacephalus Sparassidae 298 Olios megacephalus
Pediana regina Sparassidae 259 Pediana regina
Phidyle punctipes Anyphaenidae 287 Phidyle punctipes
Platorish flavitarsis Trachycosmidae 238 Pyrnus flavitarsis
Polybetes fasciatus Sparassidae 300 Olios fasciatus
Polybetes martius Sparassidae 251 Isopeda martius
Polybetes pythagoricus Sparassidae 250 Isopeda maculata
Polybetes rapidus Sparassidae 300 Olios rapidus
Pyrnus fulvus Trachycosmidae 238 Pyrnus fulvus
Rebilus lugubris Trachycosmidae 238 Rebilus lugubris
Rhitymna imerinensis Sparassidae 251 Isopeda imerinensis
Sadala keyserlingi Sparassidae 323 (Dmf) Sadala keyserlingi
Sadala nigristernis Sparassidae 322 (Df) Sadala nigristernis
Sadala punicea Sparassidae 328 (Df) Sadala punicea
Sadala rufa Sparassidae 318 Sadala rufa
Sadala velox Sparassidae 325 (Dmf) Sadala velox
Selenops cocheleti Selenopidae 235 (Dmf) Selenops cocheleti
Selenops radiatus Selenopidae 234 (Dm) Selenops malabarensis
Sparianthis granadensis Sparassidae 339 Sparianthis granadensis
Spariolenus taprobanicus Sparassidae 281 Spariolenus taprobanicus
Spariolenus tigris Sparassidae 281 (Df) Spariolenus tigris
Thelcticopis orichalcea Sparassidae 336 (Dm) Themeropis orichalcea
Thelcticopis papuana Sparassidae 338 (Df) Themeropis papuana
Tychicus gaymardi Sparassidae 255 (Dm) Tychicus gaymardi
Tychicus longipes Sparassidae 254 (Dm, T from Olios, S of Olios malayanus) Tychicus longipes
Uaiuara amazonica Sparassidae 340 (Df) Sparianthis amazonica
Uduba madagascariensis Udubidae 343 Uduba madagascariensis
Vectius niger Trochanteriidae 236 (Df) Plator niger
Vindullus gracilipes Sparassidae 288 (Dm, not f [does not belong to Vindullus per Rheims & Jäger, 2008: 225]) [] Vindullus viridans
Zoropsis rufipes Zoropsidae 344 (Df) Zoropsis rufipes
Genus Family Page
Adrastis Simon, 1880 Sparassidae 282
Damastes Simon, 1880 Sparassidae 241
Nisueta Simon, 1880 Sparassidae 329
Olbus Simon, 1880 Corinnidae 295
Panaretus Simon, 1880 Sparassidae 259
Pediana Simon, 1880 Sparassidae 258
Phidyle Simon, 1880 Anyphaenidae 286
Pyrnus Simon, 1880 Trachycosmidae 237
Rebilus Simon, 1880 Trachycosmidae 238
Sadala Simon, 1880 Sparassidae 317
Sparianthis Simon, 1880 Sparassidae 339
Spariolenus Simon, 1880 Sparassidae 280
Tortula Simon, 1880 Sparassidae 257
Tychicus Simon, 1880 Sparassidae 253
Uduba Simon, 1880 Udubidae 343
Vindullus Simon, 1880 Sparassidae 288