Included taxa

Crawford, R. L. (1988). An annotated checklist of the spiders of Washington. Burke Museum Contributions in Anthropology and Natural History 5: 1-48. Link download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acanthoneta aggressa Linyphiidae 19 (Tmf from Lepthyphantes) Poeciloneta aggressa
Agyneta fillmorana Linyphiidae 18 (T from Gnathantes) Meioneta ferosa
Bathyphantes keeni Linyphiidae 22 (removed from S of Bathyphantes reprobus KulczyƄski, 1916, contra Eskov, 1985: 122) Bathyphantes keeni
Coreorgonal petulcus Linyphiidae 17 (T from Scotinotylus) Coreorgonal petulcus
Cybaeus reticulatus Cybaeidae 28 (elevated from subspecies) Cybaeus tius
Dismodicus decemoculatus Linyphiidae 15 (elevated to species) Dismodicus decemoculatus
Dismodicus decemoculatus Linyphiidae 15 (removed from S of D. decemoculatus, contra Hackman, 1954: 28) Dismodicus variegatus
Dismodicus modicus Linyphiidae 15 (removed from S of D. decemoculatus, contra Hackman, 1954: 6) Dismodicus modicus
Dolomedes triton Pisauridae 26 (subspecies elevated from S, not followed by subsequent workers) Dolomedes triton scapularis
Entelecara sombra Linyphiidae 18 (removed from S of Entelecara media, contra Holm, 1950: 134) Entelecara sombra
Erigone aletris Linyphiidae 12 (S of Erigone labra and E. metlakatla) Erigone aletris
Habronattus kubai Salticidae 37 (removed from S of H. sansoni) Habronattus kubai
Hybauchenidium cymbadentatum Linyphiidae 18 (T from Hybocoptus) Hybauchenidium cymbadentatum
Hypsosinga pygmaea Araneidae 9 (S with Hypsosinga pygmaea rejected, rejection not accepted by Platnick) Hypsosinga variabilis
Kaestneria rufula Linyphiidae 22 (T from Bathyphantes) Kaestneria rufula
Pelecopsis sculpta digna Linyphiidae 15 (downgraded to subspecies) Pelecopsis sculpta digna
Phlattothrata parva Linyphiidae 14 (Tmf from Typhocrestus) Phlattothrata parva
Pityohyphantes rubrofasciatus Linyphiidae 22 (S of Pityohyphantes vancouveranus) Pityohyphantes rubrofasciatus
Poeciloneta fructuosa Linyphiidae 19 (Tmf from Lepthyphantes) Poeciloneta fructuosa
Poeciloneta lyrica Linyphiidae 19 (Tf from Lepthyphantes) Poeciloneta berthae
Saaristoa sammamish Linyphiidae 20 (Tmf from Lepthyphantes) Saaristoa sammamish
Scotinotylus autor Linyphiidae 17 (Tf from Scironis) Scotinotylus autor
Scotinotylus bicavatus Linyphiidae 16 (S of Scotinotylus bipoculatus) Scotinotylus bicavatus
Scotinotylus columbia Linyphiidae 17 (Tmf from Lophomma) Scotinotylus columbia
Semljicola barbiger Linyphiidae 14 (S of Typhochrestus jeniseicus; revalidated by Eskov, 1990a: 51, see Paraeboria jeniseica) Semljicola barbigera
Sisis plesius Linyphiidae 15 (Tm from Minyriolus; Chamberlin's f "is apparently a Pocadicnemis") Sisis plesius
Trochosa terricola Lycosidae 24 (removal from S, rejected) Trochosa pratensis
Walckenaeria columbia Linyphiidae 18 (S of Walckenaeria septentrionalis) Walckenaeria columbia
No genus found for this reference