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Deltshev, C. D. (1988b). The genus Fageiella Kratochvil and the genus Antrohyphantes Dumitresco (Araneae, Linyphiidae, Lepthyphanteae) in the caves of Balkan Peninsula. In: Haupt, J. (ed.) XI Europäisches Arachnologisches Colloquium. Technische Universität Berlin Dokumentation Kongresse und Tagungen 38, 293-302. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Antrohyphantes balcanicus Linyphiidae 296, f. 10-14, 27 (Tmf from Lepthyphantes) Antrohyphantes balcanica
Antrohyphantes rhodopensis Linyphiidae 297, f. 15-19, 28 (mf) Antrohyphantes rhodopensis
Antrohyphantes sophianus Linyphiidae 299, f. 21-24, 29 (mf) Antrohyphantes sophianus
Fageiella ensigera Linyphiidae 294, f. 6-9, 26 (mf) Fageiella ensigera
Fageiella patellata Linyphiidae 294, f. 1-5, 25 (mf) Fageiella patellata
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