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Eskov, K. Y. (1988e). Spiders (Aranei) of central Siberia. In: E. V. Rogacheva (ed.) Materialy po faune Srednei Sibiri i prilezhashchikh raionov Mongolii. Moscow, Akademia Nauk, pp. 101-155. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anguliphantes sibiricus Linyphiidae 105 (f of Tanasevitch, 1986 belongs to L. flexilis) Lepthyphantes sibiricus
Dactylopisthes video Linyphiidae 105 (Tmf from Cheniseo) Scytiella video
Gnathonarium suppositum Linyphiidae 105 (Sm of Gnathonarium famelicum; N.B.: S not accepted by Buckle et al., 2001: 120, but confirmed by Tanasevitch, 2013b: 173) Gnathonarium suppositum
Improphantes flexilis Linyphiidae 105 (f of Lepthyphantes sibiricus belongs here) Lepthyphantes flexilis
Porrhomma boreale Linyphiidae 105 (Tmf from Oedothorax, S of P. nunamo) Porrhomma borealis
Thymoites bellissimus Theridiidae 105 (Tf from Theridion) Thymoites belissimum
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