Included taxa

Millidge, A. F. (1988c). The relatives of the Linyphiidae: phylogenetic problems at the family level (Araneae). Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society 7: 253-268. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cheiracanthium virescens Cheiracanthiidae 259, f. 27 (m) Cheiracanthium virescens
Cicurina cicur Hahniidae 257, f. 22, 30, 32 (m) Cicurina cicur
Haplinis titan Linyphiidae 260, f. 29 (m) Haplinis titan
Mamoea rufa Desidae 260, f. 31 (m) Mamoea rufa
Mermessus agressus Linyphiidae 258, f. 23 (m) Eperigone agressa
Nephilengys malabarensis Araneidae 258, f. 24 (m) Nephila malabarensis
Philodromus dispar Philodromidae 259, f. 26 (m) Philodromus dispar
Xysticus bifasciatus Thomisidae 259, f. 25 (m) Xysticus bifasciatus
No genus found for this reference