Included taxa

Ovtchinnikov, S. V. (1988). [Materials on spider fauna of the superfamily Amaurobioidea of Kirghizia]. Entomologiceskie issledovanija v Kirgizii 19: 139-152. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agelena maracandensis Agelenidae 143 (Tf from Tegenaria) Agelena maracandensis
Coelotes charitonovi Agelenidae 141 (removed from S of C. charitonovi) Coelotes bucharensis
Lathys stigmatisata Dictynidae 148 (S, misidentified) Lathys puta
Pireneitega major Agelenidae 142 (Tf from Coelotes) Paracoelotes major
No genus found for this reference