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Tang, L. R. & Song, D. X. (1988b). New records of spiders of the family Thomisidae from China (Araneae). Sichuan Journal of Zoology 7: 13-15. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Amyciaea forticeps Thomisidae 13, f. 1A-D (m, Df) Amyciaea forticeps
Bassaniodes dolpoensis Thomisidae 15, f. 3W-X (f) Xysticus dolpoensis
Camaricus formosus Thomisidae 13, f. 1E-H (mf) Camaricus formosus
Monaeses aciculus Thomisidae 14, f. 2I-J (f) Monaeses acciculus
Ozyptila nipponica Thomisidae 14, f. 2K-L (m) Ozyptila nipponica
Ozyptila nongae Thomisidae 14, f. 2M-N (f) Ozyptila nongae
Ozyptila scabricula Thomisidae 14, f. 2O-P (m) Ozyptila scabricula
Xysticus concretus Thomisidae 15, f. 3U-V (m) Xysticus dichotomus
Xysticus concretus Thomisidae 14, f. 3Q-R (f, misidentified) Xysticus bifurcus
Xysticus insulicola Thomisidae 14, f. 3S-T (m) Xysticus bifurcus
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