Included taxa

Wunderlich, J. (1988). Die fossilen Spinnen im Dominikanischen Bernstein. Published by the author, Straubenhardt, Germany, 378 pp. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Bolostromus fauna Cyrtaucheniidae 43, f. 6-7 (m) Bolostromus fauna
Cyrtognatha rucilla Tetragnathidae 98, f. 193 (m) Cyrtognatha rucilla
Dipoena variabilis Theridiidae 156 (Tm from Dipoena) Dipoenata sicki
Dipoenata balboae Theridiidae 158 (Tmf from Dipoena) Dipoenata balboae
Dipoenata conica Theridiidae 161 (Tmf from Dipoena) Dipoenata conica
Dipoenata morosa Theridiidae 156 (Tm from Dipoena) Dipoenata morosa
Episinus dominicus Theridiidae 136, f. 304-305 (f) Episinus dominicus
Lasaeola bequaerti Theridiidae 154 (Tm from Dipoena) Lasaeola bequaerti
Lasaeola canariensis Theridiidae 154 (Tmf from Dipoena) Dipoenata canariensis
Lasaeola donaldi Theridiidae 150 (Tmf from Dipoena) Lasaeola donaldi
Lasaeola spinithorax Theridiidae 148 (Tf from Dipoena) Lasaeola spinithorax
Lasaeola superba Theridiidae 152 (Tm from Dipoena) Lasaeola superba
Lasaeola tristis Theridiidae 148 (Tmf from Dipoena, mistakenly as type species of L.) Lasaeola tristis
Loxosceles caribbaea Sicariidae 69, f. 91 (m) Loxosceles caribbea
Loxosceles rufipes Sicariidae 70, f. 95 (m) Loxosceles rufipes
Megalostrata raptor Corinnidae 202, f. 540 (m) Megalostrata mordicans
Neotama mexicana Hersiliidae 90, f. 169-171 (m) Tama mexicana
Nops blandus Caponiidae 66, f. 80 (m) Nops blandus
Orchestina moaba Oonopidae 57, f. 46 (m) Orchestina moaba
Orchestina nadleri Oonopidae 57, f. 47 (m) Orchestina nadleri
Trichopelma cubanum Theraphosidae 52, f. 33 (m) Psalistops cubanus
Trichopelma fulvum Theraphosidae 52, f. 34 (m, lapsus) Psalistops maculata
Genus Family Page
Dipoenata Wunderlich, 1988 Theridiidae 154