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Yu, L. M. & Song, D. X. (1988c). A revision of the Chinese spiders of the family Lycosidae (Araneae). Sinozoologia 6: 113-121. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Alopecosa albostriata Lycosidae 117 (S; misidenfied per Marusik, 2018: 284, belongs to a species related to Mustelicosa dimidiata) Alopecosa albostriata
Evippa sjostedti Lycosidae 113 (S of Xerolycosa brunneopicta) Evippa potanini
Hippasa lingxianensis Lycosidae 119 (S, rejected, misidentified) Hippasa pantherina
Lycosa coelestis Lycosidae 117 (S) Lycosa coelestis
Lycosa grahami Lycosidae 117 (Tf from Dingosa, S) Lycosa grahami
Lycosa shansia Lycosidae 118 (accepted S but used younger name) Lycosa sinensis
Pardosa algoides Lycosidae 115 (S of Pardosa ehrenfriedi, P. ladakhensis and P. uncata Schenkel) Pardosa algoides
Pardosa astrigera Lycosidae 115 (S) Pardosa astrigera
Pardosa bifasciata Lycosidae 116 (S) Pardosa bifasciata
Pardosa chapini Lycosidae 115 (S) Pardosa chapini
Pardosa kupupa Lycosidae 116 (S of Pardosa palavulva) Pardosa kupupa
Pardosa lyrifera Lycosidae 113, f. 1-2 (mf, S; N.B.: may be misidentified, per Tanikawa et al., 2014: 24) Pardosa lyrifera
Pardosa mongolica Lycosidae 116 (S) Pardosa mongolica
Pardosa pseudoannulata Lycosidae 116 (S) Pardosa pseudoannulata
Pardosa pusiola Lycosidae 114, f. 3-7 (f, Dm, S) Pardosa pusiola
Pirata piraticus Lycosidae 119 (S) Pirata piraticus
Piratula procurva Lycosidae 119 (S) Pirata procurvus
Wadicosa fidelis Lycosidae 117 (S of Pardosa okinawensis, rejected by Tanaka, 2000a: 96, S of Pardosa armillata, P. indistinctepicta and P. pararmillata) Pardosa venatrix
Wadicosa okinawensis Lycosidae 117 (S, rejected) Pardosa venatrix
Xerolycosa nemoralis Lycosidae 118 (S, rejected) Xerolycosa nemoralis
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