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Dippenaar-Schoeman, A. S. (1989b). The crab spiders of southern Africa (Araneae: Thomisidae). 8. The genus Thomisops Karsch, 1879. Phytophylactica 21: 319-330. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Holopelus crassiceps Thomisidae 319 (Tf from Thomisops, lapsus) Holopelus crassipes
Thomisops bullatus Thomisidae 326, f. 19-22 (f, Dm) Thomisops bullatus
Thomisops cretaceus Thomisidae 329, f. 28 (f) Thomisops cretaceus
Thomisops granulatus Thomisidae 325, f. 15-18 (Dmf) Thomisops granulatus
Thomisops lesserti Thomisidae 322, f. 7-10 (mf, S) Thomisops lesserti
Thomisops melanopes Thomisidae 329, f. 29 (Dm) Thomisops melanopes
Thomisops pupa Thomisidae 327, f. 1-3, 23-25 (mf) Thomisops pupa
Thomisops senegalensis Thomisidae 329, f. 26-27 (f, Dm) Thomisops senegalensis
Thomisops sulcatus Thomisidae 323, f. 11-14 (mf, S) Thomisops sulcatus
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