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Levi, H. W. (1989). The Neotropical orb-weaver genera Epeiroides, Bertrana and Amazonepeira (Araneae: Araneidae). Psyche, Cambridge 96(1-2): 75-99. doi:10.1155/1989/65890 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Amazonepeira herrera Araneidae 98, f. 56-60 (Dmf) Amazonepeira herrera
Bertrana abbreviata Araneidae 91, f. 31-34 (Tf from Singa) Bertrana abbreviata
Bertrana arena Araneidae 93, f. 44-46 (Df) Bertrana arena
Bertrana elinguis Araneidae 88, f. 25-30 (Tf from Araneus, S) Bertrana elinguis
Bertrana laselva Araneidae 91, f. 35-40 (Dmf) Bertrana laselva
Bertrana nancho Araneidae 92, f. 41-43 (Df) Bertrana nancho
Bertrana planada Araneidae 94, f. 47-50 (Dmf) Bertrana planada
Bertrana rufostriata Araneidae 87, f. 19-24 (f, Dm) Bertrana rufostriata
Bertrana striolata Araneidae 84, f. 11-18 (f, Sm) Bertrana striolata
Bertrana vella Araneidae 96, f. 51-55 (Dmf) Bertrana vella
Epeiroides bahiensis Araneidae 78, f. 1-10 (mf) Epeiroides bahiensis
Verrucosa lampra Araneidae 77 (Tf from Epeiroides) Verrucosa lampra
Genus Family Page
Amazonepeira Levi, 1989 Araneidae 97