Included taxa

Platnick, N. I. (1989b). Advances in spider taxonomy 1981-1987: a supplement to Brignoli's A catalogue of the Araneae described between 1940 and 1981. Manchester University Press, 673 pp. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agyneta canariensis Linyphiidae 261 Meioneta canariensis
Anisacate fuegianum bransfieldi Amaurobiidae 418 Lathys fuegiana bransfieldi
Argyrodes bonadea Theridiidae 298 (replacement name for Walckenaeria anceps Xu) Walckenaeria xui
Cladothela unciinsignita Gnaphosidae 471 (T from Zelotes) Drassyllus x-notatus
Draconarius cheni Agelenidae 422 (replacement name) Coelotes cheni
Emblyna oxtotilpanensis Dictynidae 428 (T from Dictyna) Emblyna oxtotilpanensis
Falcileptoneta asuwana Leptonetidae 139 (Tmf from Leptoneta) Falcileptoneta asuwana
Falcileptoneta inabensis Leptonetidae 139 (Tmf from Leptoneta) Falcileptoneta inabensis
Falcileptoneta yamauchii Leptonetidae 142 (Tmf from Leptoneta) Sarutana yamauchii
Holmelgonia annulata Linyphiidae 232 Elgonia annulata
Holmelgonia basalis Linyphiidae 232 Elgonia basalis
Holmelgonia brachystegiae Linyphiidae 232 Elgonia brachystegiae
Holmelgonia holmi Linyphiidae 232 Elgonia holmi
Holmelgonia nemoralis Linyphiidae 232 Elgonia nemoralis
Holmelgonia perturbatrix Linyphiidae 232 Elgonia perturbatrix
Holmelgonia projecta Linyphiidae 232 Elgonia projecta
Holmelgonia rungwensis Linyphiidae 232 Elgonia rungwensis
Holmelgonia stoltzei Linyphiidae 232 Elgonia stoltzei
Ixamatus webbae Microstigmatidae 86 (lapsus) Ixamatus webbi
Luthela schensiensis Heptathelidae 57 (T from Liphistius) Heptathela heyangensis
Masirana bandoi Leptonetidae 142 (Tmf from Leptoneta) Sarutana bandoi
Nesticella kerzhneri Nesticidae 184 Nesticella kerzhneri
Nesticella odonta Nesticidae 184 Nesticella odonta
Prodidomus saharanpurensis Prodidomidae 482 (Tf from Micaria) Prodidomus saharanpurensis
Proevippa albiventris Lycosidae 387 Proevippa albiventris
Proevippa biampliata Lycosidae 387 Proevippa biampliata
Proevippa bruneipes Lycosidae 387 Proevippa bruneipes
Proevippa dregei Lycosidae 387 Proevippa dregei
Proevippa fascicularis Lycosidae 387 Proevippa fascicularis
Proevippa hirsuta Lycosidae 387 Proevippa hirsuta
Proevippa schreineri Lycosidae 387 Proevippa schreineri
Proevippa unicolor Lycosidae 387 Proevippa unicolor
Proevippa wanlessi Lycosidae 387 Proevippa wanlessi
Rachias piracicabensis Pycnothelidae 84 Androthelopsis piracicabensis
Songthela hangzhouensis Heptathelidae 57 (S of Heptathela yuelushanensis) Heptathela hangzhouensis
Tegecoelotes corasides Agelenidae 422 (lapsus) Coelotes corasoides
Tubercithorax subarcticus Linyphiidae 261 Mecynargus subarcticus
Walckenaeria coreana Linyphiidae 294 Walckenaeria coreana
Walckenaeria orientalis Linyphiidae 296 Walckenaeria orientalis
Zelotes tenuis Gnaphosidae 489 (S of Zelotes pallidus) Zelotes tenuis
Genus Family Page
Dunstanoides Forster & Wilton, 1989 Desidae 409
Elgonia Holm, 1989 Linyphiidae 232
Hubertella Platnick, 1989 Linyphiidae 244
Maloides Forster & Wilton, 1989 Amaurobiidae 424
Porioides Forster, 1989 Hahniidae 413
Scopoides Platnick, 1989 Gnaphosidae 482
Tricellina Forster & Platnick, 1989 Anapidae 166
Vitioides Marples, 1989 Salticidae 636