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Richman, D. B. (1989). A revision of the genus Hentzia (Araneae, Salticidae). Journal of Arachnology 17: 285-344. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anicius dolius Salticidae 286, f. 10-14 (m, Df) Anicius dolius
Beata wickhami Salticidae 287, f. 5-9 (mf) Beata wickhami
Corythalia noda Salticidae 295 (Tf from Hentzia per Roewer) Corythalia noda
Hentzia antillana Salticidae 326, f. 3-4, 102-108 (mf) Hentzia antillana
Hentzia audax Salticidae 310, f. 52-58 (mf) Hentzia audax
Hentzia calypso Salticidae 335, f. 130-136 (Dmf) Hentzia calypso
Hentzia chekika Salticidae 319, f. 80-86 (Dmf) Hentzia chekika
Hentzia cubana Salticidae 312, f. 59-63 (Dmf) Hentzia cubana
Hentzia fimbriata Salticidae 306, f. 37-43 (m, Df) Hentzia fimbriata
Hentzia footei Salticidae 324, f. 95-101 (mf) Hentzia footei
Hentzia grenada Salticidae 315, f. 67-73 (m, Df) Hentzia grenada
Hentzia mandibularis Salticidae 337, f. 137-145 (m, Df) Hentzia mandibularis
Hentzia mitrata Salticidae 302, f. 29-36 (mf) Hentzia mitrata
Hentzia palmarum Salticidae 296, f. 16-27 (mf) Hentzia palmarum
Hentzia parallela Salticidae 333, f. 123-129 (m, Sf) Hentzia parallela
Hentzia pima Salticidae 314, f. 64-66 (Df) Hentzia pima
Hentzia poenitens Salticidae 317, f. 74-79 (m, Df) Hentzia poenitens
Hentzia squamata Salticidae 339, f. 146-153 (mf) Hentzia squamata
Hentzia tibialis Salticidae 309, f. 44-51 (m, Sf; Bryant's f = H. chekika) Hentzia tibialis
Hentzia vernalis Salticidae 322, f. 87-94 (mf) Hentzia vernalis
Hentzia vittata Salticidae 330, f. 114-122 (removed f from S of H. palmarum, Sm) Hentzia vittata
Hentzia whitcombi Salticidae 328, f. 109-113 (Dmf) Hentzia whitcombi
Hentzia zombia Salticidae 341, f. 154-155 (Df) Hentzia zombia
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