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Utochkin, A. S. (1989). [Systematic list of the spider genus Xysticus (Arachnida, Aranei, Thomisidae) of the USSR fauna]. In: Lange, A. B. (ed.) Fauna i Ekologiy Paukov i Skorpionov: Arakhnologicheskii Sbornik. Akademia Nauk SSSR, Moscow, pp. 14-16. download pdf


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Bassaniodes tristrami Thomisidae 15 (S, not accepted here because of genitalic differences figured by Levy, 1985b) Xysticus lalandei
Psammitis albidus Thomisidae 15 (S, after Utochkin, 1968: 20, not accepted here because of palpal differences figured by Marusik) Xysticus labradorensis
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