Included taxa

Aitchison-Benell, C. W. & Dondale, C. D. (1990). A checklist of Manitoba spiders (Araneae) with notes on geographic relationships. Le Naturaliste Canadien 117: 215-237. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Hackmania prominula Dictynidae 218 (S) Argenna prominula
Hilaira canaliculata Linyphiidae 224 (Tmf from Hilaira, S) Soudinus canaliculatus
Incestophantes duplicatus Linyphiidae 220 (Sf) Lepthyphantes duplicatus
Sciastes dubius Linyphiidae 223 (Tf from Hilaira, Sm) Sciastes dubius
Scirites pectinatus Linyphiidae 223 (S) Scirites pectinatus
Sougambus bostoniensis Linyphiidae 224 (S) Sougambus bostoniensis
No genus found for this reference