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Deltshev, C. D. (1990). A critical review of genus Coelotes Blackwall in Bulgaria with description of a new species (Coelotes drenskii sp. n.) (Araneae, Agelenidae). Acta Zoologica Bulgarica 40: 29-43. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Coelotes pastor pirinicus Agelenidae 42 (species inquirenda) Coelotes pastor pirinicus
Inermocoelotes drenskii Agelenidae 30, f. 1.1-2 (Dm) Coelotes drenskii
Inermocoelotes falciger Agelenidae 31, f. 2.1-3 (mf) Coelotes falciger
Inermocoelotes inermis Agelenidae 33, f. 3.1-4 (mf) Coelotes inermis
Inermocoelotes jurinitschi Agelenidae 33, f. 4.1-4 (f, Dm) Coelotes jurinitschi
Inermocoelotes karlinskii Agelenidae 36, f. 5.1-4 (mf) Coelotes karlinskii
Inermocoelotes kulczynskii Agelenidae 36, f. 6.1-6 (mf) Coelotes kulczynskii
Inermocoelotes microlepidus Agelenidae 38, f. 7.1-4, 8.1-2 (f, Dm) Coelotes microlepidus
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