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Eskov, K. Y. (1990c). The spider genus Collinsia O. Pickard-Cambridge 1913 in the fauna of Siberia and the Soviet Far East (Arachnida: Araneae: Linyphiidae). Senckenbergiana Biologica 70: 287-298. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Collinsia caliginosa Linyphiidae 288, f. 1-4 (f, Dm) Collinsia caliginosa
Collinsia caliginosa nemenziana Linyphiidae 289 (downgraded to subspecies) Collinsia caliginosa nemenziana
Collinsia dentata Linyphiidae 290, f. 5-10 (Dmf) Collinsia dentata
Collinsia holmi Linyphiidae 292, f. 11-15 (Dmf) Collinsia holmi
Collinsia sachalinensis Linyphiidae 295, f. 17-20 (Dmf) Collinsia sachalinensis
Typhochrestoides baikalensis Linyphiidae 294, f. 16 (Df) Collinsia jeniseica
No genus found for this reference