Included taxa

Griswold, C. E. (1990). A revision and phylogenetic analysis of the spider subfamily Phyxelidinae (Araneae, Amaurobiidae). Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 196: 1-206. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ambohima pauliani Phyxelididae 130, f. 11c, 64b, e (Df) Ambohima pauliani
Ambohima sublima Phyxelididae 128, f. 64a, d, 65a-d, 66a-d (Dmf) Ambohima sublima
Kulalania antiqua Phyxelididae 125, f. 11b, 64c, f (Df) Kulalania antiqua
Lamaika distincta Phyxelididae 115, f. 58a-c, 59c-e (Dm) Lamaika distincta
Malaika delicatula Phyxelididae 122, f. 11a, 63a-e (Dmf) Malaika delicatula
Malaika longipes Phyxelididae 118, f. 3b, 4b, 6d, 15f, 16d, 59a-b, 60a-f, 61a-d, 62a-e, 68c (mf, S) Malaika longipes
Matundua silvatica Phyxelididae 55, f. 1c, 3c, 12a, 17c, 18a-e (f, Dm) Matundua silvatica
Namaquarachne angulata Phyxelididae 102, f. 12f, 57b, e (Df) Namaquarachne angulata
Namaquarachne hottentotta Phyxelididae 112, f. 57a, d (Tf from Matundua) Namaquarachne hottentotta
Namaquarachne khoikhoiana Phyxelididae 106, f. 12g, 52a-c, 53a-c, 54a-b (Dmf) Namaquarachne khoikhoiana
Namaquarachne thaumatula Phyxelididae 104, f. 51a-c, 52d-e, 54c-d (Dmf) Namaquarachne thaumatula
Namaquarachne tropata Phyxelididae 109, f. 2a-d, 5a-b, 48a-e, 49a-d, 54e-f, 55a-c, 56a-f, 57c, f (Dmf) Namaquarachne tropata
Phyxelida abyssinica Phyxelididae 154, f. 83c-d, 84a-c (Dm) Phyxelida abyssinica
Phyxelida anatolica Phyxelididae 167, f. 90c-d (Df) Phyxelida anatolica
Phyxelida apwania Phyxelididae 184, f. 91g, 99e-f (Df) Phyxelida apwania
Phyxelida bifoveata Phyxelididae 177, f. 91e, 96a-c, 97a-b, 99a-b (mf) Phyxelida bifoveata
Phyxelida carcharata Phyxelididae 162, f. 89a-e (Dmf) Phyxelida carcharata
Phyxelida crassibursa Phyxelididae 174, f. 93c, 95e-f (Df) Phyxelida crassibursa
Phyxelida eurygyna Phyxelididae 176, f. 95a-b (Df) Phyxelida eurygyna
Phyxelida irwini Phyxelididae 171, f. 93d, 94b, d (Df) Phyxelida irwini
Phyxelida jabalina Phyxelididae 169, f. 92b, d, 93a (Df) Phyxelida jabalina
Phyxelida kipia Phyxelididae 158, f. 79a-b, 86a-c, 87c-d (Dm) Phyxelida kipia
Phyxelida makapanensis Phyxelididae 156, f. 4c, 6b, 15e, 85a-c, 90e-f, 91a (mf) Phyxelida makapanensis
Phyxelida mirabilis Phyxelididae 151, f. 82a-e, 83a-b, 91c (m, Df) Phyxelida mirabilis
Phyxelida nebulosa Phyxelididae 170, f. 93e, 94a, c (f) Phyxelida nebulosa
Phyxelida pingoana Phyxelididae 165, f. 90a-b, 91b (Df) Phyxelida pingoana
Phyxelida sindanoa Phyxelididae 159, f. 79c-d, 80a-b, 87a-b, 88a-e (Dmf) Phyxelida sindanoa
Phyxelida tanganensis Phyxelididae 180, f. 91f, 97c-d, 98a-e (mf, removed from S of P. nebulosa, contra Lehtinen, 1967: 213) Phyxelida tanganensis
Phyxelida umlima Phyxelididae 172, f. 93b, 95c-d (Df) Phyxelida umlima
Pongolania chrysionaria Phyxelididae 73, f. 28b, d (Df) Pongolania chrysionaria
Pongolania pongola Phyxelididae 72, f. 12c, 28a, c (Df) Pongolania pongola
Rahavavy fanivelona Phyxelididae 182, f. 4d, 91h, 99c-d (Df) Phyxelida fanivelona
Rahavavy malagasyana Phyxelididae 167, f. 80c, 91d, 92a, c (Df) Phyxelida malagasyana
Themacrys cavernicola Phyxelididae 142, f. 75a-c, 76b, d, 78c-d (mf) Themacrys cavernicola
Themacrys irrorata Phyxelididae 144, f. 76a, c, 77a-c, 78a-b (mf) Themacrys irrorata
Themacrys monticola Phyxelididae 138, f. 71c-d, 73a-c, 74a-b, d-e (m, Df) Themacrys monticola
Themacrys silvicola Phyxelididae 133, f. 1b, d, 4e-f, 8a-d, 9, 11d, 15c, 16c, 67a-d, 68a-b, 70a-c, 71a-b, 72a, c (m, Df; f of Lawrence, 1939 = T. cavernicola) Themacrys silvicola
Themacrys ukhahlamba Phyxelididae 136, f. 72b, d (Df) Themacrys ukhahlamba
Vidole capensis Phyxelididae 66, f. 1a, 3a, 5e-f, 12b, 15d, 17a-b, 19a-e, 25a-c, 26b, e (f, Dm, S) Vidole capensis
Vidole helicigyna Phyxelididae 62, f. 22a-b, 23a-c, 26a, d (Dmf) Vidole helicigyna
Vidole lyra Phyxelididae 64, f. 24a, c (Df) Vidole lyra
Vidole schreineri Phyxelididae 70, f. 26c, f, 27a-c (removed mf from S) Vidole schreineri
Vidole sothoana Phyxelididae 59, f. 21a-c, 22c-d, 24b, d (Dmf) Vidole sothoana
Vytfutia bedel Phyxelididae 186, f. 4a, 15a, 16a, 100a-e, 101a-c (mf) Vytfutia bedel
Xevioso amica Phyxelididae 82, f. 5c-d, 6a, c, e-f, 7a, e-f, 10a-b, 12e, 14a-d, 15b, 16b, 29a-e, 30a-f, 35b, e, 36a-c, 47a-b (Dmf) Xevioso amica
Xevioso aululata Phyxelididae 88, f. 12d, 38c-d, 39a-c, 40c-d (Dmf) Xevioso aululata
Xevioso colobata Phyxelididae 90, f. 40a-b, 41a-c (Dm) Xevioso colobata
Xevioso jocquei Phyxelididae 98, f. 46a-c, 47e-f (Dm) Xevioso jocquei
Xevioso kulufa Phyxelididae 95, f. 43b, d, 44c-d, 45a-c (Dmf) Xevioso kulufa
Xevioso lichmadina Phyxelididae 92, f. 7b-d, 42a-c, 43a, c, 44a-b (Dmf) Xevioso lichmadina
Xevioso orthomeles Phyxelididae 78, f. 34a-c, 35a, d, 47c-d (Dmf) Xevioso orthomeles
Xevioso tuberculata Phyxelididae 77, f. 32a-c, 33c-d, 35c, f (mf) Xevioso tuberculata
Xevioso zuluana Phyxelididae 84, f. 33a-b, 37a-c, 38a-b (m, Df) Xevioso zuluana
Genus Family Page
Ambohima Griswold, 1990 Phyxelididae 126
Kulalania Griswold, 1990 Phyxelididae 124
Lamaika Griswold, 1990 Phyxelididae 115
Namaquarachne Griswold, 1990 Phyxelididae 100
Pongolania Griswold, 1990 Phyxelididae 72