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Logunov, D. V. (1990). [New data of the spider families Atypidae, Araneidae, Pisauridae and Thomisidae in the USSR fauna]. In: G. S. Zolotarenko (ed.) Chlenistonogie i Gelminty, Fauna Sibiri. Novosibirsk, pp. 33-43. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Atypus magnus Atypidae 34, f. 1 (m) Atypus magnus
Lysiteles coronatus Thomisidae 39, f. 4 (m) Lysiteles coronatus
Pisaura ancora Pisauridae 37, f. 2-3 (mf) Pisaura ancora
Pisaura lama Pisauridae 37, f. 2-3 (mf) Pisaura lama
Pisaura mirabilis Pisauridae 37, f. 2и (mf) Pisaura sp.
Pisaura novicia Pisauridae 37, f. 2в-з,3II (mf) [misidentified after Nadolny et al., 2012: 260] Pisaura mirabilis
Pistius undulatus Thomisidae 41, f. 5 (m) Pistius undulatus
Tmarus rimosus Thomisidae 40, f. 5 (mf) Tmarus rimosus
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