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Marusik, Y. M. (1990). Spider genus Chalcoscirtus (Aranei, Salticidae) from the USSR: Communication 1. Zoologicheskiń≠ Zhurnal 69(6): 45-57. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Chalcoscirtus carbonarius Salticidae 53, f. 3.1-4 (mf) Chalcoscirtus carbonarius
Chalcoscirtus infimus Salticidae 51, f. 1.1-3 (m) Chalcoscirtus infimus
Chalcoscirtus infimus Salticidae 53, f. 4.1-2 (Tf from subspecies of Euophrys thorelli, S, Dm) Chalcoscirtus asiaticus
Chalcoscirtus minutus Salticidae 54, f. 4.3-5 (Dm) Chalcoscirtus minutus
Chalcoscirtus nenilini Salticidae 52, f. 1.7, 2.1-6 (Dmf) Chalcoscirtus nenilini
Chalcoscirtus paraansobicus Salticidae 55, f. 5.1-5 (Dmf) Chalcoscirtus paraansobicus
Chalcoscirtus pseudoinfimus Salticidae 51, f. 1.4-6 (mf, S) Chalcoscirtus pseudoinfimus
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