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Müller, H.-G. & Heimer, S. (1990). Spiders from Colombia XII. The genera Theridion and Thymoites, with descriptions of five new species (Araneida: Theridiidae). Medio Ambiente 10: 136-144. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Theridion kiliani Theridiidae 136, f. 1A-B (Dm) Theridion kiliani
Theridion magdalenense Theridiidae 137, f. 2A-C (Dmf) Theridion magdalenensis
Theridion tayrona Theridiidae 139, f. 3A-C (Dm) Theridion tayrona
Thymoites delicatulus Theridiidae 140, f. 4A-G (mf) Thymoites delicatulus
Thymoites gertrudae Theridiidae 141, f. 5A-G (Dmf) Thymoites gertrudae
Thymoites illudens Theridiidae 142, f. 6A (m) Thymoites illudens
Thymoites nevada Theridiidae 142, f. 7A-D (Dmf) Thymoites nevada
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