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Prószyński, J. (1990). Catalogue of Salticidae (Araneae): synthesis of quotations in the world literature since 1940, with basic taxonomic data since 1758. Wyższa Szkola Rolniczo-Pedagogiczna w Siedlcach, 366 pp. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aelurillus numidicus Salticidae 43 (T from Phlegra) Aelurillus numidicus
Afraflacilla flavipes Salticidae 181 (Tf from Icius) Pseudicius flavipes
Asianellus festivus Salticidae 282 (Tmf from Aelurillus) Phlegra festiva
Asianellus potanini Salticidae 283 (Tmf from Aelurillus) Phlegra potanini
Canama dorcas Salticidae 66 (Tm from Bathippus) Canama dorcas
Eris illustris Salticidae 305 (Tmf from Saitis per Roewer) Eris illustris
Eris perpasta Salticidae 253 (Tm from Dendryphantes per Roewer) Paraphidippus perpactus
Eris perpolita Salticidae 253 (Tm from Dendryphantes per Roewer) Paraphidippus perpolitus
Eris valida Salticidae 253 (Tmf from Dendryphantes per Roewer) Paraphidippus validus
Evarcha albaria Salticidae 136 (S) Evarcha albaria
Furculattus maxillosus Salticidae 116 (Sf) Furculattus maxillosus
Hasarius adansoni Salticidae 359 (S of Vitioides albipalpis) Hasarius adansoni
Heliophanus melinus Salticidae 328 (listed as nomen dubium) Sitticus manni
Hyllus semicupreus Salticidae 177 (T from Sandalodes, S of Phidippus indicus) Hyllus semicupreus
Mendoza canestrinii Salticidae 207 (Tmf from Mithion=Thyene) Marpissa memorabilis
Metaphidippus bisignatus Salticidae 216 (Tm from Dendryphantes per Roewer) Metaphidippus bisignatus
Metaphidippus globosus Salticidae 218 (Tm from Dendryphantes) Metaphidippus globosus
Metaphidippus pluripunctatus Salticidae 220 (Tmf from Dendryphantes) Metaphidippus pluripunctatus
Modunda staintoni Salticidae 72 (T from Hyctia = Marpissa, S of Hyctia congenera and Modunda phragmitis) Bianor staintoni
Nagaina incunda Salticidae 217 (T from Dendryphantes) Metaphidippus expallidatus
Nandicius pseudoicioides Salticidae 182 (T from Icius) Pseudicius pseudoicioides
Paraphidippus luteus Salticidae 122 (Tm from Dendryphantes) Eris lutea
Paraphidippus mexicanus Salticidae 122 (Tf from Dendryphantes sub name replaced before 1960) Eris mexicana
Phidippus zebrinus Salticidae 276 (Tf from Dendryphantes per Roewer; N.B.: misplaced in this genus, per Edwards, 2004: 5) Phidippus zebrinus
Phintella vittata Salticidae 281 (S of Salticus ranjitus) Phintella vittata
Phlegra sierrana Salticidae 283 (Tf from Yllenus) Phlegra pennata
Psenuc originalis Salticidae 298 (T from Icius) Pseudicius originalis
Pseudicius kaszabi Salticidae 182 (Tm from Icius) Pseudicius kaszabi
Pseudicius punctatus Salticidae 298, 316 (N.B.: preoccupied by Denis, 1947, but that name in synonymy) Pseudicius punctatus
Rudakius afghanicus Salticidae 295 (T from Icius) Pseudicius afghanicus
Rudakius spasskyi Salticidae 183 (T from Icius) Pseudicius spasskyi
Thyene aperta Salticidae 348 Thyene aperta
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