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Alderweireldt, M. (1991). A revision of the African representatives of the wolf spider genus Evippa Simon, 1882 (Araneae, Lycosidae) with notes on allied species and genera. Journal of Natural History 25(2): 359-381. doi:10.1080/00222939100770261 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Evippa aequalis Lycosidae 367, f. 3.1-5 (Dmf) Evippa aequalis
Evippa arenaria Lycosidae 363, f. 1.1-3, 2.1-6 (f, Dm) Evippa arenaria
Evippa jocquei Lycosidae 374, f. 8.1-3, 9 (Dmf) Evippa jocquei
Evippa kirchshoferae Lycosidae 371, f. 6.1 (f) Evippa kirschoferae
Evippa massaica Lycosidae 379 (misplaced in Evippa, affinities to Pardosa) Evippa massaica
Evippa praelongipes Lycosidae 369, f. 5.1-5 (f, Dm) Evippa praelongipes
Evippa projecta Lycosidae 368, f. 4.1-3 (Dm) Evippa projecta
Evippa russellsmithi Lycosidae 373, f. 7.1-5 (Dmf) Evippa russellsmithi
Evippa strandi Lycosidae 372, f. 6.3 (Tf from Proevippa, S of Evippa straeleni) Evippa strandi
Proevippa eberlanzi Lycosidae 379 (Tf from Evippella=Evippa) Proevippa eberlanzi
Pseudevippa cana Lycosidae 378, f. 6.2 (f) Pseudevippa cana
Trabea purcelli Lycosidae 379 (S) Trabea purcelli
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