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Hu, J. L., Wang, Z. Y. & Wang, Z. G. (1991). Notes on nine species of spiders from natural conservation of Baotianman in Henan Province, China (Arachnoidea: Araneida). Henan Science 9: 37-52. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ariamnes cylindrogaster Theridiidae 40, f. 8-13 (mf) Argyrodes cylindrogaster
Clubiona papillata Clubionidae 47, f. 29-32 (Dmf) Clubiona serrulata
Draconarius neixiangensis Agelenidae 43, f. 18-21 (Dmf) Coelotes neixiangensis
Gnaphosa hastata Gnaphosidae 45, f. 22-23 (Dm) Gnaphosa baotianmanensis
Hitobia unifascigera Gnaphosidae 46, f. 24-28 (mf) Poecilochroa unifascigera
Lineacoelotes funiushanensis Agelenidae 41, f. 14-17 (Dmf) Coelotes funiushanensis
Plebs baotianmanensis Araneidae 37, f. 1-4 (Df) Araneus baotianmanensis
Plexippoides regius Salticidae 49, f. 33-36 (mf) Plexippoides regius
Sinolinyphia henanensis Linyphiidae 39, f. 5-7 (Df) Hypsosinga henanensis
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