Included taxa

Jocqué, R. (1991a). A generic revision of the spider family Zodariidae (Araneae). Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 201: 1-160. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acanthinozodium tibesti Zodariidae 130, f. 315-319 (Df) Acanthinozodium tibesti
Akyttara homunculus Zodariidae 132, f. 323-325 (Df) Akyttara homunculus
Amphiledorus histrionicus Zodariidae 79 (Tmf from Storena) Selamia histrionica
Antillorena polli Zodariidae 33, f. 44-51, 94 (Tf from Storena, Sm) Antillorena pollii
Asceua amabilis Zodariidae 41 (T from Storena) Asceua amabilis
Asceua cingulata Zodariidae 40 (T from Suffucia, not explicitely but by S of the genus) Asceua cingulata
Asceua elegans Zodariidae 41, f. 62-63, 95 (f) Asceua elegans
Asceua heliophila Zodariidae 146 (T from Suffucia) Asceua heliophila
Asceua japonica Zodariidae 41 (T from Doosia) Asceua japonica
Asceua lejeunei Zodariidae 41, f. 64-70 (Dmf) Asceua lejeunei
Asceua septemmaculata Zodariidae 40 (T from Suffucia, not explicitely but by S of the genus) Asceua septemmaculata
Aschema madagascariensis Zodariidae 111 (Tf from Capheris) Aschema madagascariensis
Aschema pallida Zodariidae 111, f. 260-268 (Dmf) Aschema pallida
Asteron reticulatum Zodariidae 46, f. 28, 71-77, 96 (Dmf) Asteron reticulatum
Caesetius murinus Zodariidae 114, f. 269-275 (f, Dm) Caesetius murinus
Caesetius schultzei Zodariidae 114, f. 251, 276 (f) Caesetius schultzei
Capheris crassimana Zodariidae 117, f. 277-284 (mf, S of Capheris oncka; revalidated by Jocqué, 2009a: 136) Capheris crassimana
Chariobas cylindraceus Zodariidae 99, f. 220-230 (m, Df) Chariobas cylindraceus
Cicynethus acanthopus Zodariidae 102, f. 233-235 (N.B.: Simon's f is juvenile) Cicynethus acanthopus
Cicynethus floriumfontis Zodariidae 104, f. 236-241 (Dm) Cicynethus floriumfontis
Cicynethus peringueyi Zodariidae 104, f. 231-232 (N.B.: Simon's f is juvenile) Cicynethus peringueyi
Cybaeodamus enigmaticus Zodariidae 50, f. 88-93 (placed m, Df, S of Hyltoniella birabeni; N.B.: identification of f doubted by Lise, Ott & Rodrigues, 2009: 266, but no evidence was presented for that conclusion) Cybaeodamus enigmaticus
Cybaeodamus lycosoides Zodariidae 50 (Tf from Storena) Cybaeodamus lycosoides
Cybaeodamus ornatus Zodariidae 50, f. 82-87 (mf) Cybaeodamus ornatus
Cybaeodamus rastellifer Zodariidae 50 (T from Valcheta) Cybaeodamus rastellifer
Cydrela insularis Zodariidae 120 (T from Capheris) Cydrela insularis
Cydrela schoemanae Zodariidae 121, f. 289-295, 313 (Dmf) Cydrela schoemanae
Cydrela unguiculata Zodariidae 120, f. 285-288 (m) Cydrela unguiculata
Cyrioctea spinifera Zodariidae 31, f. 42-43 (f) Cyrioctea spinifera
Diores bivattatus Zodariidae 134, f. 326-330 (f) Diores bivattatus
Diores cognatus Zodariidae 134, f. 331-332 (m) Diores cognatus
Dusmadiores robanja Zodariidae 135, f. 36 Dusmadiores robanja
Forsterella faceta Zodariidae 54, f. 98-104, 139 (Dmf) Forsterella faceta
Habronestes striatipes Zodariidae 57, f. 105-112 (f, Dm) Habronestes striatipes
Heradida bicincta Zodariidae 136, f. 333 (f) Heradida bicincta
Hetaerica scenica Zodariidae 60, f. 113-116 (j) Hetaerica aresca
Ishania absoluta Zodariidae 93 (T from Storena) Tenedos absolutus
Ishania absoluta Zodariidae 93 (T from Storena) Tenedos verecruzanus
Ishania mundella Zodariidae 93 (Tf from Storena) Tenedos mundellus
Ishania tinga Zodariidae 94, f. 206 (Tf from Storena) Tenedos tinga
Lachesana blackwalli Zodariidae 36, f. 16, 52-58 (mf, S of Lachesana sundaica) Lachesana blackwalli
Lachesana insensibilis Zodariidae 37, f. 59 (Dm) Lachesana insensibilis
Lachesana rufiventris Zodariidae 36, f. 33 Lachesana rufiventris
Lutica maculata Zodariidae 39, f. 32, 60-61 (f) Lutica maculata
Mallinella hingstoni Zodariidae 146 Mallinella hingstoni
Mallinella vittiventris Zodariidae 62, f. 4-7, 13, 30, 117-123, 140 (mf, S of Mallinella notipyga) Mallinella vittiventris
Mallinella zebra Zodariidae 62 (Tmf from Storena) Mallinella zebra
Mallinus nitidiventris Zodariidae 136, f. 334-335 (N.B.: Simon's m and f are both juvenile) Mallinus nitidiventris
Masasteron mas Zodariidae 47, f. 78-81, 97 (Dmf) Asteron mas
Nanahua carteri Zodariidae 10 (genus as incertae sedis; taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Nanahua carteri
Neostorena grayi Zodariidae 66, f. 129 (Df) Neostorena grayi
Neostorena minor Zodariidae 67, f. 29, 130-134, 141 (Dmf) Neostorena minor
Neostorena spirafera Zodariidae 66 (Tm from Storena) Neostorena spirafera
Neostorena torosa Zodariidae 91 (Tf from Storena) Storosa torosa
Neostorena venatoria Zodariidae 66, f. 124-128 (N.B.: Rainbow's f is juvenile) Neostorena venatoria
Neostorena victoria Zodariidae 69, f. 135-138 (Dmf) Neostorena victoria
Nostera lynx Zodariidae 72, f. 142-150 (Dmf) Nostera lynx
Omucukia angusta Zodariidae 105 (Tj from Storenomorpha) Madrela angusta
Omucukia madrela Zodariidae 105, f. 18, 20, 242-249 (Dmf) Madrela madrela
Palaestina dentifera Zodariidae 139, f. 343-350 (mf) Palaestina dentifera
Palaestina expolita Zodariidae 138, f. 336-342 (mf) Palaestina expolita
Palaestina expolita Zodariidae 141, f. 351a-b (Dm) Palaestina smyrna
Palfuria gibbosa Zodariidae 142, f. 354-358 (f) Palfuria gibbosa
Palfuria panner Zodariidae 142, f. 359-363 (Dm) Palfuria panner
Palfuria retusa Zodariidae 142, f. 352-353 Palfuria retusa
Pax meadei Zodariidae 82, f. 169-176 (mf) Storamia meadii
Platnickia bergi Zodariidae 75 (T from Storena) Platnickia bergi
Platnickia elegans Zodariidae 75, f. 37, 151-160 (Dm, f, T from Storena) Platnickia elegans
Psammoduon arenicola Zodariidae 124 (Tf from Caesetius) Psammoduon arenicola
Psammoduon canosum Zodariidae 124 (Tf from Caesetius) Psammoduon canosum
Psammoduon deserticola Zodariidae 124, f. 15, 34, 252, 296-301 (Tmf from Caesetius) Psammoduon deserticola
Psammorygma aculeatum Zodariidae 126, f. 311 (Tf from Cydrela) Psammorygma aculeata
Psammorygma caligatum Zodariidae 126, f. 302-310 (Dmf) Psammorygma caligata
Psammorygma rutilans Zodariidae 126 (Tf from Cydrela) Psammorygma rutilans
Ranops caprivi Zodariidae 145, f. 364-370 (Dmf) Ranops caprivi
Selamia reticulata Zodariidae 79, f. 31, 161-168 (mf, S of Storena segmentata) Selamia reticulata
Storena colossea Zodariidae 87, f. 181-189 (f, not m, =S. mainae) Storena colossea
Storena cyanea Zodariidae 86, f. 177-180 (Dm, f, S of Storena procera) Storena cyanea
Storena deserticola Zodariidae 89, f. 190-191 (Dm) Storena deserticola
Storena formosa Zodariidae 86, f. 22-23 Storena formosa
Storena mainae Zodariidae 87, f. 185-189 (m, misidentified) Storena colossea
Storenomorpha comottoi Zodariidae 109, f. 19 Storenomorpha comottoi
Storenomorpha reinholdae Zodariidae 109, f. 39-40 Storenomorpha reinholdae
Storosa obscura Zodariidae 91, f. 192-199 (Dmf) Storosa obscura
Storosa tetrica Zodariidae 91 (Tf from Storena) Storosa tetrica
Suffasia tigrina Zodariidae 147, f. 371-377 (f, T from Suffucia = Asceua) Suffasia tigrina
Systenoplacis falconeri Zodariidae 117 (Tm from Cydrela) Capheris falconeri
Systenoplacis giltayi Zodariidae 117 (Tm from Cydrelichus=Caesetius) Capheris giltayi
Systenoplacis maculatus Zodariidae 117, f. 312 (Tmf from Cydrela; N.B.: not included in species list but mentioned under "Natural History") Capheris maculata
Systenoplacis vandami Zodariidae 117 (Tf from Cydrelichus=Caesetius per Roewer) Capheris vandami
Tenedos barronus Zodariidae 96, f. 8, 17, 24, 213-219, 250 (mf) Tenedos barronus
Tenedos cufodontii Zodariidae 93 (T from Storena) Tenedos cufodontii
Tenedos eduardoi Zodariidae 94, f. 207-212 (m) Tenedos eduardoi
Tenedos lautus Zodariidae 93, f. 200-205 (m, T from Storena) Tenedos lautus
Thaumastochilus martini Zodariidae 109, f. 253-259 (f) Thaumastochilus martini
Tristichops coerulescens Zodariidae 10 (genus as incertae sedis; taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Tristichops coerulescens
Trygetus nitidissimus Zodariidae 150, f. 384-389 (m) Trygetus nitidissimus
Trygetus sexoculatus Zodariidae 149, f. 378-383 (f) Trygetus sexoculatus
Zodarion andalusiacum Zodariidae 153, f. 390-393 (Dmf) Zodarion andalusiacum
Zodarion bicoloripes Zodariidae 130 (Tf from Acanthinozodium) Zodarion bicoloripes
Zodarion kabylianum Zodariidae 153, f. 11-12, 314, 394-398 (f) Zodarion kabylianum
Zodarion nigriceps Zodariidae 151, f. 35 Zodarion nigriceps
Zodarion sungar Zodariidae 130, f. 320-322 (Dm) Acanthinozodium sungar
Genus Family Page
Antillorena Jocqué, 1991 Zodariidae 32
Aschema Jocqué, 1991 Zodariidae 111
Asteron Jocqué, 1991 Zodariidae 45
Forsterella Jocqué, 1991 Zodariidae 52
Madrela Jocqué, 1991 Zodariidae 105
Nostera Jocqué, 1991 Zodariidae 71
Platnickia Jocqué, 1991 Zodariidae 75
Psammoduon Jocqué, 1991 Zodariidae 123
Psammorygma Jocqué, 1991 Zodariidae 126
Ranops Jocqué, 1991 Zodariidae 143
Storamia Jocqué, 1991 Zodariidae 81 (footnote)
Storosa Jocqué, 1991 Zodariidae 90
Suffasia Jocqué, 1991 Zodariidae 146