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Levi, H. W. (1991a). The Neotropical and Mexican species of the orb-weaver genera Araneus, Dubiepeira, and Aculepeira (Araneae: Araneidae). Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 152: 167-315. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acacesia hamata Araneidae 178 (Tf from Araneus) Acacesia nigrolineata
Aculepeira aculifera Araneidae 179 (Tmf from Araneus) Metazygia helvola
Aculepeira aculifera Araneidae 304, f. 566-577 (Tf from Araneus, S) Aculepeira aculifera
Aculepeira albovittata Araneidae 303, f. 560-563 (Tf from Araneus, S) Aculepeira albovittata
Aculepeira apa Araneidae 302, f. 557-559 (Df) Aculepeira apa
Aculepeira azul Araneidae 306, f. 589-591 (Df) Aculepeira azul
Aculepeira busu Araneidae 308, f. 596-599 (Df) Aculepeira busu
Aculepeira escazu Araneidae 306, f. 585-588 (Df) Aculepeira escazu
Aculepeira gravabilis Araneidae 304, f. 578-584 (Tf from Araneus) Aculepeira gravabilis
Aculepeira machu Araneidae 302, f. 553-556 (Df) Aculepeira machu
Aculepeira travassosi Araneidae 298, f. 543-547 (Tf from Araneus, Sm) Aculepeira travassosi
Aculepeira visite Araneidae 307, f. 592-595 (Df) Aculepeira visite
Aculepeira vittata Araneidae 300, f. 548-552 (Tf from Metepeira, Dm) Aculepeira vittata
Amazonepeira callaria Araneidae 303, f. 564-565 (Dm) Aculepeira callaria
Araneus abeicus Araneidae 255, f. 316-320 (Dmf) Araneus abeicus
Araneus acolla Araneidae 219, f. 138-141 (Df) Araneus acolla
Araneus adjuntaensis Araneidae 273, f. 414-417 (f) Araneus adjuntaensis
Araneus alhue Araneidae 244, f. 262-266 (Dmf) Araneus alhue
Araneus ana Araneidae 268, f. 389-391 (Df) Araneus ana
Araneus anguinifer Araneidae 286, f. 494-496 (f) Araneus anguinifer
Araneus aragua Araneidae 229, f. 184-187 (Df; N.B.: preoccupied by Petrunkevitch, 1914) [] Araneus beebei
Araneus arizonensis Araneidae 290, f. 507-510 (mf) Araneus arizonensis
Araneus aurantiifemuris Araneidae 199, f. 37-41 (Tf from Metepeira, Dm) Araneus aurantiifemuris
Araneus axacus Araneidae 277, f. 440-444 (Dmf) Araneus axacus
Araneus bandelieri Araneidae 214, f. 113-115 (f) Araneus bandelieri
Araneus baul Araneidae 288, f. 503-506 (Df) Araneus baul
Araneus bimini Araneidae 264, f. 372-375 (Dmf) Araneus bimini
Araneus blumenau Araneidae 200, f. 42-48 (Dmf) Araneus blumenau
Araneus bogotensis Araneidae 196, f. 1-4, 17-36 (f, Sm) Araneus bogotensis
Araneus boneti Araneidae 268, f. 385-388 (Dmf) Araneus boneti
Araneus bryantae Araneidae 262, f. 353-356 (f) Araneus bryantae
Araneus caballo Araneidae 273, f. 418-421 (Df) Araneus caballo
Araneus carchi Araneidae 215, f. 122-127 (Dmf) Araneus carchi
Araneus carimagua Araneidae 230, f. 190 (Dm) Araneus carimagua
Araneus castilho Araneidae 196, f. 15-16 (Dm) Araneus castilho
Araneus chiapas Araneidae 262, f. 351-352 (Dm) Araneus chiapas
Araneus chingaza Araneidae 258, f. 330-334 (Df) Araneus chingaza
Araneus cochise Araneidae 278, f. 445-448 (mf) Araneus cochise
Araneus cohnae Araneidae 229, f. 188 (Dm) Araneus cohnae
Araneus colima Araneidae 266, f. 376-380 (Dmf) Araneus colima
Araneus concepcion Araneidae 241, f. 250-253 (Dmf) Araneus concepcion
Araneus concoloratus Araneidae 249, f. 282-285 (f) Araneus concoloratus
Araneus corporosus Araneidae 206, f. 71-77 (f, Sm) Araneus corporosus
Araneus cristobal Araneidae 277, f. 435-439 (Dmf) Araneus cristobal
Araneus cuiaba Araneidae 248, f. 276-278 (Df) Araneus cuiaba
Araneus cylindriformis Araneidae 177 (belongs to Linyphiidae, but no genus specified) Araneus cylindriformis
Araneus desierto Araneidae 280, f. 453-456 (Dmf) Araneus desierto
Araneus detrimentosus Araneidae 269, f. 395-399 (mf, S) Araneus detrimentosus
Araneus dreisbachi Araneidae 280, f. 449-452 (Dmf) Araneus dreisbachi
Araneus elegantulus Araneidae 181 ("unrecognizable name" = nomen dubium) Araneus elegantulus
Araneus elizabethae Araneidae 263, f. 357-360 (replacement name for Meta bryantae Brignoli, 1983, preoccupied in Araneus) Araneus elizabethae
Araneus expletus Araneidae 231, f. 193-210 (f, Sm) Araneus expletus
Araneus faxoni Araneidae 264, f. 369-371 (f) Araneus faxoni
Araneus flavus Araneidae 272, f. 404-409 (m, Df) Araneus flavus
Araneus frio Araneidae 276, f. 429-430 (Dm) Araneus frio
Araneus fronki Araneidae 228, f. 179-183 (Dmf) Araneus fronki
Araneus galero Araneidae 234, f. 223-227 (Dmf) Araneus galero
Araneus gerais Araneidae 231, f. 191-192 (Dm) Araneus gerais
Araneus granadensis Araneidae 220, f. 146-152 (mf) Araneus granadensis
Araneus guatemus Araneidae 232, f. 211-214 (Df) Araneus guatemus
Araneus guerrerensis Araneidae 285, f. 487-493 (f, Sm) Araneus guerrerensis
Araneus guttatus Araneidae 253, f. 303-315 (f, Dm, S) Araneus guttatus
Araneus habilis Araneidae 234, f. 219-222 (f) Araneus habilis
Araneus hispaniola Araneidae 263, f. 365-368 (f) Araneus hispaniola
Araneus horizonte Araneidae 211, f. 99-104 (Df) Araneus horizonte
Araneus hotteiensis Araneidae 263, f. 361-364 (f) Araneus hotteiensis
Araneus huahun Araneidae 244, f. 258-261 (Dmf) Araneus huahun
Araneus huixtla Araneidae 286, f. 497-498 (Dm) Araneus huixtla
Araneus iguacu Araneidae 256, f. 321-325 (Dmf) Araneus iguacu
Araneus jalisco Araneidae 269, f. 392-394 (Dm) Araneus jalisco
Araneus jamundi Araneidae 222, f. 157 (Dm) Araneus jamundi
Araneus koepckeorum Araneidae 224, f. 168-173 (Dmf) Araneus koepckeorum
Araneus lanio Araneidae 268, f. 381-384 (Df) Araneus lanio
Araneus lathyrinus Araneidae 210, f. 85-91 (mf) Araneus lathyrinus
Araneus lenkoi Araneidae 258, f. 326-329 (Df) Araneus lenkoi
Araneus leones Araneidae 281, f. 457-461 (Dmf) Araneus leones
Araneus lineatipes Araneidae 239, f. 240-244 (mf) Araneus lineatipes
Araneus lintatus Araneidae 262, f. 347-350 (Df) Araneus lintatus
Araneus matogrosso Araneidae 230, f. 189 (Dm) Araneus matogrosso
Araneus mazamitla Araneidae 270, f. 400-403 (Dmf) Araneus mazamitla
Araneus mendoza Araneidae 284, f. 477-481 (Dmf) Araneus mendoza
Araneus meropes Araneidae 222, f. 158-167 (removed m from S of A. thaddeus, Sf) Araneus meropes
Araneus microsoma Araneidae 260, f. 343-346 (mf) Araneus microsoma
Araneus minutellus Araneidae 181 ("unrecognizable name" = nomen dubium) Araneus minutellus
Araneus moretonae Araneidae 219, f. 142-145 (Df) Araneus moretonae
Araneus musawas Araneidae 274, f. 427-428 (Dm) Araneus musawas
Araneus nacional Araneidae 284, f. 474-476 (Df) Araneus nacional
Araneus nuboso Araneidae 276, f. 431-432 (Dm) Araneus nuboso
Araneus ocaxa Araneidae 288, f. 499-502 (Dmf) Araneus ocaxa
Araneus omnicolor Araneidae 202, f. 49-57 (f, Dm, S) Araneus omnicolor
Araneus orgaos Araneidae 211, f. 92-94 (Df) Araneus orgaos
Araneus pegnia Araneidae 236, f. 228-234 (mf) Araneus pegnia
Araneus penai Araneidae 216, f. 128-132 (Dmf) Araneus penai
Araneus pico Araneidae 215, f. 117-121 (Dmf) Araneus pico
Araneus popaco Araneidae 282, f. 466-469 (Dmf) Araneus popaco
Araneus puebla Araneidae 285, f. 482-486 (Dmf) Araneus puebla
Araneus quirapan Araneidae 284, f. 470-473 (Df) Araneus quirapan
Araneus rufipes Araneidae 234, f. 215-218 (f, S) Araneus rufipes
Araneus salto Araneidae 282, f. 462-465 (Df) Araneus salto
Araneus schneblei Araneidae 211, f. 95-98 (Df) Araneus schneblei
Araneus selva Araneidae 259, f. 335-338 (Dmf) Araneus selva
Araneus sernai Araneidae 214, f. 109-112 (Df) Araneus sernai
Araneus sicki Araneidae 250, f. 286-289 (Df) Araneus sicki
Araneus sinistrellus Araneidae 193, f. 5-8 (f) Araneus sinistrellus
Araneus stabilis Araneidae 226, f. 174-178 (mf) Araneus stabilis
Araneus talca Araneidae 240, f. 245-249 (Dmf) Araneus talca
Araneus tambopata Araneidae 222, f. 153-156 (Df) Araneus tambopata
Araneus taperae Araneidae 212, f. 105-108 (Tf from Metepeira) Araneus taperae
Araneus tellezi Araneidae 291, f. 515-519 (Dmf) Araneus tellezi
Araneus tenancingo Araneidae 290, f. 511-514 (Dmf) Araneus tenancingo
Araneus tepic Araneidae 272, f. 410-413 (Df) Araneus tepic
Araneus thaddeus Araneidae 239, f. 235-239 (mf) Araneus thaddeus
Araneus tiganus Araneidae 194, f. 9-14 (m, Df) Araneus tiganus
Araneus tijuca Araneidae 250, f. 290-294 (Dmf) Araneus tijuca
Araneus titirus Araneidae 245, f. 267-271 (f, Dm) Araneus titirus
Araneus ubicki Araneidae 274, f. 422-426 (Dmf) Araneus ubicki
Araneus unanimus Araneidae 203, f. 58-63 (mf, S) Araneus unanimus
Araneus uniformis Araneidae 246, f. 272-275 (f, Sm) Araneus uniformis
Araneus uruapan Araneidae 276, f. 433-434 (Dm) Araneus uruapan
Araneus urubamba Araneidae 218, f. 133-137 (Dmf) Araneus urubamba
Araneus venatrix Araneidae 252, f. 295-302 (mf, S) Araneus venatrix
Araneus villa Araneidae 249, f. 279-281 (Df) Araneus villa
Araneus vincibilis Araneidae 206, f. 64-70 (f, Dm) Araneus vincibilis
Araneus workmani Araneidae 207, f. 78-84 (m, Df) Araneus workmani
Araneus xavantina Araneidae 214, f. 116 (Dm) Araneus xavantina
Araneus zapallar Araneidae 242, f. 254-257 (Df) Araneus zapallar
Argiope argentata Araneidae 177 (S) Argiope argentata
Carepalxis perpera Araneidae 178 (Tf from Araneus) Carepalxis perpera
Dubiepeira amablemaria Araneidae 296, f. 540-542 (Df) Dubiepeira amablemaria
Dubiepeira amacayacu Araneidae 296, f. 531-535 (Dmf) Dubiepeira amacayacu
Dubiepeira dubitata Araneidae 292, f. 520-526 (Tf from Metepeira, Dm) Dubiepeira dubitata
Dubiepeira lamolina Araneidae 296, f. 536-539 (Df) Dubiepeira lamolina
Dubiepeira neptunina Araneidae 294, f. 527-530 (Tf from Araneus) Dubiepeira neptunina
Eriophora edax Araneidae 177-178 (S) Eriophora edax
Eriophora nephiloides Araneidae 177-179 (S) Eriophora nephiloides
Eustala albiventer Araneidae 178 (Tf from Metazygia) Eustala albiventer
Eustala essequibensis Araneidae 179 (Tm from Singa) Wixia essequibensis
Eustala guianensis Araneidae 177 (Tm from Araneus) Eustala orina
Eustala trinitatis Araneidae 178 (Tf from Araneus) Eustala trinitatis
Eustala viridipedata Araneidae 177 (Tmf from Araneus) Eustala viridipedata
Heterognatha chilensis Araneidae 180 Heterognatha margaritacea
Kaira altiventer Araneidae 180 (Tm from Araneus) Mastophora fasciolata
Kaira electa Araneidae 179 (Tm from Araneus) Kaira electa
Kaira sexta Araneidae 259, f. 339-342 (Dmf; N.B.: Chamberlin's f is juvenile) Araneus sexta
Kapogea sexnotata Araneidae 178 (S, rejected) Cyrtophora nympha
Leucauge caudacuta Tetragnathidae 178 (Tf from Chrysometa) Mecynometa caudacuta
Mangora hirtipes Araneidae 177 (Tf from Araneus, S unneeded replacement name) Mangora hirtipes
Mangora passiva Araneidae 179 (Tf from Araneus) Mangora rostrata
Mangora punctipes Araneidae 179 (Tf from Araneus) Mangora punctipes
Manogea porracea Araneidae 179 (S C. davisi (Hingston, 1932, T from Araneus), rejected) Cyrtophora guianensis
Metazygia castaneoscutata Araneidae 177 (Tf from Araneus) Metazygia castaneoscutata
Metazygia dubia Araneidae 179 (Tf from Araneus) Metazygia dubia
Metazygia erratica Araneidae 177 (Tf from Araneus, S) Bertrana erratica
Metazygia incerta Araneidae 179 (Tmf from Araneus) Metazygia incerta
Metazygia mundulella Araneidae 177 (Tmf from Araneus per Roewer, 1942a: 848; N.B.: species listed twice by Roewer, sub both Araneus and Larinia) Metazygia mundulella
Metazygia pallidula Araneidae 179 (Tf from Araneus) Metazygia pallidula
Metazygia pallidula Araneidae 180 (Tf from Araneus) Metazygia simplicissima
Metepeira galatheae Araneidae 179 (Tf from Araneus) Metepeira galatheae
Metepeira glomerabilis Araneidae 179 (Tmf from Metepeira) Metazygia glomerabilis
Metepeira gressa Araneidae 179 (Tf from Metazygia) Metepeira gressa
Metepeira gressa Araneidae 180 (Tm from Eustala) Metepeira seditiosa
Metepeira incrassata Araneidae 180 (Tf from Araneus) Metepeira salei
Metepeira vigilax Araneidae 180 (Tm from Araneus) Metepeira vigilax
Molinaranea clymene Araneidae 177 (Tf from Parawixia) Molinaranea aysenensis
Molinaranea clymene Araneidae 179 (Tf from Parawixia) Molinaranea clymene
Molinaranea magellanica Araneidae 178 (Tf from Metepeira) Molinaranea chilensis
Molinaranea magellanica Araneidae 178 (Tj from Araneus) Molinaranea patagonica
Molinaranea magellanica Araneidae 179 (Tf from Parawixia) Molinaranea cinaberina
Molinaranea mammifera Araneidae 178 (Tf from Lariniacantha =Alpaida) Molinaranea mammifera
Molinaranea phaethontis Araneidae 178 (Tf from Araneus) Molinaranea phaethontis
Molinaranea surculorum Araneidae 178 (Tf from Araneus) Molinaranea surculorum
Neoscona arabesca Araneidae 180 (S) Neoscona arabesca
Ocrepeira albopunctata Araneidae 178 (Tf from Araneus) Wixia trigonellus
Ocrepeira albopunctata Araneidae 180 (Tmf from Araneus) Wixia albopunctata
Ocrepeira darlingtoni Araneidae 307 (Bryant's f = Aculepeira visite) Parawixia darlingtoni
Ocrepeira fiebrigi Araneidae 177 (Tmf from Araneus) Wixia fiebrigi
Ocrepeira rufa Araneidae 179 (Tf from Araneus) Wixia consequa
Ocrepeira venustula Araneidae 177 (Tf from Araneus) Molinaranea albisecta
Ocrepeira venustula Araneidae 180 (Tmf from Parawixia) Wixia venustula
Parawixia audax Araneidae 178 (Tf from Araneus) Parawixia rugosa
Parawixia audax Araneidae 179 (Tf from Araneus) Parawixia coronigera
Parawixia bistriata Araneidae 177 (Tf from Araneus) Parawixia bicolorata
Parawixia bistriata Araneidae 178 (Tmf from Araneus) Parawixia nordenskjöldii
Parawixia bistriata Araneidae 178 (Tf from Araneus) Parawixia sermonifera
Parawixia destricta Araneidae 179 (Tmf from Parawixia) Wixia destricta
Parawixia kochi Araneidae 180 (Tm from Araneus) Parawixia setosa
Parawixia monticola Araneidae 179 (Tf from Wagneriana) Parawixia monticola
Parawixia undulata Araneidae 180 (Tf from Verrucosa) Parawixia undulata
Parawixia velutina Araneidae 178 (Tf from Araneus) Parawixia eriophoroides
Parawixia velutina Araneidae 180 (Tf from Araneus; Taczanowski's m=Wagneriana jelskii) Parawixia velutina
Tatepeira tatarendensis Araneidae 177 (Tf from Araneus, S) Wixia tatarendensis
Verrucosa zebra Araneidae 180 (Tmf from Araneus) Verrucosa zebra
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Dubiepeira Levi, 1991 Araneidae 291