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Mikhailov, K. G. (1991a). The spider genus Clubiona Latreille 1804 in the Soviet Far East, 2 (Arachnida, Aranei, Clubionidae). Korean Arachnology 6: 207-235. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Clubiona chabarovi Clubionidae 224, f. 44-49 (Dmf) Clubiona chabarovi
Clubiona ezoensis Clubionidae 211, f. 8-16 (mf) Clubiona ezoensis
Clubiona interjecta Clubionidae 221 (f of C. subinterjecta Strand belongs here) Clubiona interjecta
Clubiona irinae Clubionidae 208, f. 1-7 (Dmf) Clubiona irinae
Clubiona japonica Clubionidae 228 (S) Clubiona japonica
Clubiona kimyongkii Clubionidae 228 (S) Clubiona kimyongkii
Clubiona kunashirensis Clubionidae 227, f. 57-59 (Df) Clubiona lyubarskii
Clubiona langei Clubionidae 213, f. 22-23 (Df) Clubiona langei
Clubiona mayumiae Clubionidae 219, f. 39-43 (mf, misidentified) Clubiona pseudogermanica
Clubiona odesanensis Clubionidae 212, f. 17-21 (m) Clubiona odesanensis
Clubiona paiki Clubionidae 227, f. 54-56 (Df) Clubiona paiki
Clubiona papillata Clubionidae 225, f. 50-51 (f) Clubiona wolchongsensis
Clubiona propinqua Clubionidae 215, f. 30-33 (mf; N.B.: records from China, Korea, and Japan are misidentified C. pseudogermanica) Clubiona propinqua
Clubiona propinqua Clubionidae 217, f. 34-38 (removed m from S, Df; N.B.: f of Strand belongs to C. interjecta) Clubiona subinteriecta
Clubiona pseudogermanica Clubionidae 219, f. 39-43 (mf, removed from S of C. propinqua, specimens misidentified, see C. mayumiae) Clubiona pseudogermanica
Clubiona sopaikensis Clubionidae 214, f. 24-29 (m, Df) Clubiona sopaikensis
Clubiona zacharovi Clubionidae 226, f. 52-53 (Dm) Clubiona zacharovi
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