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Yoshida, H. (1991d). A note on the Japanese genera Uloborus, Zosis, Octonoba and Philoponella (Araneae: Uloboridae). Atypus 98/99: 21-26. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Octonoba grandiconcava Uloboridae 24, f. 2D (m) Octonoba grandiconcava
Octonoba sinensis Uloboridae 24, f. 2C (m) Octonoba sinensis
Philoponella prominens Uloboridae 26, f. 2E (m) Philoponella prominens
Zosis geniculata Uloboridae 24, f. 2B (m) Zosis geniculatus
No genus found for this reference