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┼╗abka, M. (1991b). Salticidae (Arachnida: Araneae) of Oriental, Australian and Pacific regions, V. Genus Holoplatys Simon, 1885. Records of the Australian Museum 43: 171-240. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Holoplatys apressus Salticidae 182, f. 2D, 8A-C, 9A-C (mf) Holoplatys senilis
Holoplatys bicolor Salticidae 233, f. 2S, 53A-D, 54A-C (f, Dm) Holoplatys bicolor
Holoplatys bicoloroides Salticidae 233, f. 55A-C (Df) Holoplatys bicoloroides
Holoplatys borali Salticidae 238, f. 58A-C (Df) Holoplatys borali
Holoplatys braemarensis Salticidae 216, f. 38A-C (Df) Holoplatys braemarensis
Holoplatys bramptonensis Salticidae 189, f. 15A-C (Df) Holoplatys bramptonensis
Holoplatys canberra Salticidae 187, f. 13A-C (Df) Holoplatys canberra
Holoplatys chudalupensis Salticidae 218, f. 2L, 41A-C (Dm) Holoplatys chudalupensis
Holoplatys colemani Salticidae 184, f. 2C, 10A-C, 11A-C (Dmf) Holoplatys colemani
Holoplatys complanata Salticidae 176, f. 2A, 3A-C, 4A-C, 5A-C, 6A-C (mf) Holoplatys complanata
Holoplatys complanatiformis Salticidae 186, f. 12A-C (Df) Holoplatys complanatiformis
Holoplatys daviesae Salticidae 220, f. 2M, 43A-E (Dmf) Holoplatys daviesae
Holoplatys dejongi Salticidae 222, f. 2N, 44A-C (Dm) Holoplatys dejongi
Holoplatys desertina Salticidae 219, f. 42A-C (Df) Holoplatys desertina
Holoplatys embolica Salticidae 224, f. 2P, 46A-C (Dm) Holoplatys embolica
Holoplatys fusca Salticidae 207, f. 2J, 31A-C, 32A-D, 33A-C, 34A-C (mf) Holoplatys fusca
Holoplatys grassalis Salticidae 217, f. 2K, 40A-C (Dm) Holoplatys grassalis
Holoplatys invenusta Salticidae 235, f. 2T, 56A-C, 57A-D (f, Dm) Holoplatys invenusta
Holoplatys jardinensis Salticidae 187, f. 14A-C (Df) Holoplatys jardinensis
Holoplatys julimarina Salticidae 216, f. 39A-C (Df) Holoplatys julimarina
Holoplatys kalgoorlie Salticidae 223, f. 2O, 45A-C (Dm) Holoplatys kalgoorlie
Holoplatys kempensis Salticidae 197, f. 22A-C (Df) Holoplatys kempensis
Holoplatys lhotskyi Salticidae 225, f. 2Q, 47A-D, 48A-C (Dmf) Holoplatys lhotskyi
Holoplatys mascordi Salticidae 213, f. 2F, 37A-F (Dmf) Holoplatys mascordi
Holoplatys meda Salticidae 192, f. 17A-C (Df) Holoplatys meda
Holoplatys minuta Salticidae 229, f. 50A-C (Df) Holoplatys minuta
Holoplatys oakensis Salticidae 195, f. 21A-C (Df) Holoplatys oakensis
Holoplatys panthera Salticidae 228, f. 49A-C (Df) Holoplatys panthera
Holoplatys pedder Salticidae 180, f. 2B, 7A-C (Dm) Holoplatys pedder
Holoplatys pemberton Salticidae 212, f. 2I, 35A-C, 36A-C (Dmf) Holoplatys pemberton
Holoplatys planissima Salticidae 200, f. 2G, 24A-C, 25A-C, 26A-C, 27A-E (mf) Holoplatys planissima
Holoplatys queenslandica Salticidae 230, f. 2R, 51A-C, 52A-C (Dmf) Holoplatys queenslandica
Holoplatys rainbowi Salticidae 191, f. 16A-C (Df) Holoplatys rainbowi
Holoplatys semiplanata Salticidae 193, f. 2E, 18A-C, 19A-C, 20A-C (Dmf) Holoplatys semiplanata
Holoplatys strzeleckii Salticidae 201, f. 2H, 28A-C, 29A-C (Dmf) Holoplatys strzeleckii
Holoplatys tasmanensis Salticidae 206, f. 30A-C (Df) Holoplatys tasmanensis
Holoplatys windjanensis Salticidae 198, f. 23A-C (Df) Holoplatys windjanensis
Trite urvillei Salticidae 172 (Tf from Holoplatys) Trite urvillei
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