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Bennett, R. G. (1992). The spermathecal pores of spiders with special reference to dictynoids and amaurobioids (Araneae, Araneomorphae, Araneoclada). Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Ontario 123: 1-21. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agelenopsis potteri Agelenidae 7, f. 36-38 (f) Agelenopsis potteri
Argyroneta aquatica Dictynidae 6, f. 7-9 (f) Argyroneta aquatica
Blabomma californicum Cybaeidae 4, f. 12 (f) Blabomma californica
Calymmaria persica Cybaeidae 6, f. 20 (f) Calymmaria montavencis
Cicurina bryantae Hahniidae 5, f. 17-18 (f) Cicurina bryantae
Cicurina cavealis Hahniidae 5, f. 16 (f) Cicurina cavealis
Cicurina intermedia Hahniidae 5, f. 15 (f) Cicurina intermedia
Coras juvenilis Agelenidae 7, f. 39 (f) Coras juvenilis
Cryphoeca exlineae Cybaeidae 7, f. 35 (f) Cryphoeca exlineae
Cybaeopsis macaria Amaurobiidae 8, f. 44 (f) Callioplus macarius
Cybaeota shastae Cybaeidae 4, f. 10-11 (f) Cybaeota shastae
Cybaeus grizzlyi Cybaeidae 4, f. 1-2 (f) Cybaeus grizzlyi
Cybaeus morosus Cybaeidae 4, f. 3 (f) Cybaeus morosus
Cybaeus signifer Cybaeidae 4, f. 4-6 (f) Cybaeus signifer
Dirksia cinctipes Cybaeidae 6, f. 23-24, 31-32 (f) Dirksia cinctipes
Ethobuella tuonops Cybaeidae 7, f. 33-34 (f) Ethobuella tuonops
Rubrius antarcticus Amaurobiidae 5, f. 21 (f) Rubrius antarcticus
Tegenaria domestica Agelenidae 6, f. 25-30 (f) Tegenaria domestica
Tigrosa helluo Lycosidae 8, f. 42-43 (f) Hogna helluo
Wadotes calcaratus Agelenidae 7, f. 40 (f) Wadotes calcaratus
Yorima angelica Cybaeidae 5, f. 13-14 (f) Yorima angelica
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