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Churchill, T. B. & Raven, R. J. (1992). Systematics of the intertidal trapdoor spider genus Idioctis (Mygalomorphae: Barychelidae) in the western Pacific with a new genus from the northeast. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 32: 9-30. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Idioctis ferrophila Barychelidae 17, f. 11a-d, 12a-g (Df) Idioctis ferrophila
Idioctis helva Barychelidae 11, f. 3a-d, 5a-j, 6a-g (f, Dm) Idioctis helva
Idioctis marovo Barychelidae 21, f. 17a-f, 18a-f (Df) Idioctis marovo
Idioctis talofa Barychelidae 19, f. 14a-c, 15a-h (Df) Idioctis talofa
Idioctis yerlata Barychelidae 14, f. 1, 8a-f, 9a-g (Df) Idioctis yerlata
Nihoa hawaiiensis Barychelidae 28 (Tmf from Idioctis) Nihoa hawaiiensis
Nihoa mahina Barychelidae 24, f. 20a-f, 21a-e, 22a-g (Dmf) Nihoa mahina
Genus Family Page
Nihoa Raven & Churchill, 1992 Barychelidae 23