Included taxa

Kamura, T. (1992b). Two new genera of the family Gnaphosidae (Araneae) from Japan. Acta Arachnologica 41: 119-132. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Hitobia asiatica Gnaphosidae 127, f. 19-27 (Tf from Berlandina, Dm) Hitobia asiatica
Hitobia unifascigera Gnaphosidae 124, f. 10-18 (Tmf from Poecilochroa) Hitobia unifascigera
Hitobia yasunosukei Gnaphosidae 129, f. 28-30 (Df) Hitobia yasunosukei
Sernokorba pallidipatellis Gnaphosidae 121, f. 1-9 (Tmf from Zelotes) Sernokorba pallidipatellis
Genus Family Page
Hitobia Kamura, 1992 Gnaphosidae 123
Sernokorba Kamura, 1992 Gnaphosidae 120